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JavaScript implementation of Gossipsub
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Cayman Nava

Table of Contents


Gossipsub is an implementation of pubsub based on meshsub and floodsub. You can read the specification here.


npm install libp2p-gossipsub


const Gossipsub = require('libp2p-gossipsub')

const gsub = new Gossipsub(node)

gsub.start((err) => {
  if (err) {
    console.log('Upsy', err)
  gsub.on('fruit', (data) => {

  gsub.publish('fruit', new Buffer('banana'))


Create a gossipsub implementation

const options = {…}
const gossipsub = new Gossipsub(libp2pNode, options)

Options is an optional object with the following key-value pairs:

  • fallbackToFloodsub: boolean identifying whether the node should fallback to the floodsub protocol, if another connecting peer does not support gossipsub (defaults to true).
  • emitSelf: boolean identifying whether the node should emit to self on publish, in the event of the topic being subscribed (defaults to false).


This module is actively under development. Please check out the issues and submit PRs!


MIT © ChainSafe Systems

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