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Cayman Nava

Table of Contents


Gossipsub is an implementation of pubsub based on meshsub and floodsub. You can read the specification here.

libp2p-gossipsub currently implements the v1.1 of the spec.


npm install libp2p-gossipsub


const Gossipsub = require('libp2p-gossipsub')

const gsub = new Gossipsub(libp2p, options)

await gsub.start()

gsub.on('fruit', (data) => {

gsub.publish('fruit', new TextEncoder().encode('banana'))


Create a gossipsub implementation

const options = {}
const gossipsub = new Gossipsub(libp2p, options)

Options is an optional object with the following key-value pairs:

  • emitSelf: boolean identifying whether the node should emit to self on publish, in the event of the topic being subscribed (defaults to false).
  • gossipIncoming: boolean identifying if incoming messages on a subscribed topic should be automatically gossiped (defaults to true).
  • fallbackToFloodsub: boolean identifying whether the node should fallback to the floodsub protocol, if another connecting peer does not support gossipsub (defaults to true).
  • floodPublish: boolean identifying if self-published messages should be sent to all peers, (defaults to true).
  • doPX: boolean identifying whether PX is enabled; this should be enabled in bootstrappers and other well connected/trusted nodes (defaults to false).
  • msgIdFn: a function with signature (message) => string defining the message id given a message, used internally to deduplicate gossip (defaults to (message) => message.from + message.seqno.toString('hex'))
  • signMessages: boolean identifying if we want to sign outgoing messages or not (default: true)
  • strictSigning: boolean identifying if message signing is required for incoming messages or not (default: true)
  • messageCache: optional, a customized MessageCache instance, see the implementation for the interface.
  • scoreParams: optional, a customized peer score parameters Object.
  • scoreThresholds: optional, a customized peer score thresholds Object.
  • directPeers: optional, an array of AddrInfo of peers with which we will maintain direct connections.

For the remaining API, see libp2p-interfaces/pubsub.


This module is actively under development. Please check out the issues and submit PRs!


MIT © ChainSafe Systems