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ChainShot Builder

This is the Content Building application for ChainShot-style educational content. The Builder creates Content Repositories (i.e. ChainShot Content) which can be setup to deploy automatically to ChainShot for live user audiences.

ChainShot Builder is for teachers, meetup hosts, hackathon organizers and anyone excited to builder educational coding content! Build Challenges, write Lessons, design Building Blocks.

Quick Start

Use the Builder CLI.

Simply install chainshot-builder globally and run it to create your first content repository!

npm install -g chainshot-builder
mkdir myContentRepository
cd myContentRepository
chainshot-builder init

This will spin up the IDE and get you started. To learn more about editing and committing to your new content repository check out the Building New Content Docs.

Note: You'll want to have the latest version of Node installed to ensure builder compatibility. For switching between versions easily, we suggest you check out the n package.

App Preview

Builder Preview


Check out the Builder Documentation to learn more.