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Modified adbd with fixes for recovery, and always run as root (regardless of
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Latest commit f3600a1 Dec 19, 2012
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adb Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Dec 19, 2012
charger charger: allow devices to skip the initial display blank Oct 12, 2012
cpio fix mkbootfs for systems that lack PATH_MAX May 4, 2012
debuggerd Expand crasher with a "thread-" prefix to crash on another thread. Dec 10, 2012
fastboot resolved conflicts for merge of 44f4f8a to jb-mr1-dev-plus-aosp Oct 17, 2012
fs_mgr am cfd7c2a: am 1c0c525: Merge "Rename getline to fs_getline for fs_mgr" Sep 26, 2012
gpttool Fix build by removing TAGS from host module Aug 16, 2012
include Merge "libusbhost: permits client polling on inotify wd" Dec 17, 2012
init Merge "Document the SELinux extensions to the Android init language." Nov 27, 2012
libcorkscrew Fix ELF header parser bug. Dec 10, 2012
libctest Automated import from //branches/donutburger/...@140818,140818 Mar 25, 2009
libcutils Fail-proof the inline directives for SMP atomic operations. Dec 7, 2012
libdiskconfig config_mbr: Fix integer overflow Jul 26, 2012
libion Add explicit sync call to ion library Sep 20, 2012
liblinenoise Improve linenoise.c compatability. Jun 4, 2010
liblog Use Rlog instead of Log Dec 6, 2012
libmincrypt remove unneeded import Sep 20, 2012
libnetutils am d2e826b: am 65c37c8: Merge "Fixed an unused param warning" Aug 9, 2012
libnl_2 am cdc4a40: am cb71ed3: am 50e2555: Merge "Always include <sys/socket… Sep 12, 2012
libpixelflinger Remove unnecessary compiler pragma. Aug 30, 2012
libsparse Support for multiple modules with the same name is going away. Aug 16, 2012
libsuspend autosuspend_inited flag set even if initialization fails Nov 20, 2012
libsync update libsync to support new timeout semantics Aug 22, 2012
libsysutils libsysutils: Increase command buffersize and command args Nov 12, 2012
libusbhost libusbhost: generates a static library Dec 10, 2012
libzipfile Fixed warnings test_zipfile Aug 20, 2012
logcat DO NOT MERGE Add event log tag for cert pin failures. Sep 13, 2012
logwrapper logwrapper: reduce verbosity and fix usage Feb 28, 2012
mkbootimg add command-line arguments to mkbootimg to move kernel, ramdisk, etc. Aug 20, 2012
netcfg Support adding, deleting, and clearing IPv6 addrs. Sep 29, 2011
rootdir Switch keystore to binder Nov 13, 2012
run-as do more checks on packages.list Feb 9, 2012
sdcard resolved conflicts for merge of 2237ca4 to jb-mr1-dev Aug 15, 2012
sh Fixed un-initialized variable warnings Aug 1, 2012
toolbox Merge "Fixed improper size displaying in 'df' utility" Dec 3, 2012
.gitignore .gitignore Dec 19, 2012 Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. Jul 12, 2011 Raise the viking killer min free values to match the system properties Jan 29, 2011
README auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 Mar 4, 2009
ThirdPartyProject.prop add meta-files about 3rd party projects Jul 16, 2010


The system/ directory is intended for pieces of the world that are the
core of the embedded linux platform at the heart of Android.  These
essential bits are required for basic booting, operation, and debugging.

They should not depend on libraries outside of system/... (some of them
do currently -- they need to be updated or changed) and they should not
be required for the simulator build.

The license for all these pieces should be clean (Apache2, BSD, or MIT).

Currently system/bluetooth/... and system/extra/... have some pieces
with GPL/LGPL licensed code.

Assorted Issues:

- pppd depends on libutils for logging
- pppd depends on libcrypt/libcrypto
- init, linker, debuggerd, toolbox, usbd depend on libcutils
- should probably rename bionic to libc
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