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Merge "Document the SELinux extensions to the Android init language."

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kruton authored and Gerrit Code Review committed Nov 27, 2012
2 parents 3ddc005 + 3fb6110 commit 9b82ce20ebca3eb5bf782c38ca36d8acbb2ffae6
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@@ -88,6 +88,13 @@ group <groupname> [ <groupname> ]*
supplemental groups of the process (via setgroups()).
Currently defaults to root. (??? probably should default to nobody)

seclabel <securitycontext>
Change to securitycontext before exec'ing this service.
Primarily for use by services run from the rootfs, e.g. ueventd, adbd.
Services on the system partition can instead use policy-defined transitions
based on their file security context.
If not specified and no transition is defined in policy, defaults to the init context.

Do not restart the service when it exits.

@@ -182,6 +189,21 @@ mount <type> <device> <dir> [ <mountoption> ]*
device by name.
<mountoption>s include "ro", "rw", "remount", "noatime", ...

restorecon <path>
Restore the file named by <path> to the security context specified
in the file_contexts configuration.
Not required for directories created by the init.rc as these are
automatically labeled correctly by init.

setcon <securitycontext>
Set the current process security context to the specified string.
This is typically only used from early-init to set the init context
before any other process is started.

setenforce 0|1
Set the SELinux system-wide enforcing status.
0 is permissive (i.e. log but do not deny), 1 is enforcing.


@@ -191,6 +213,10 @@ setprop <name> <value>
setrlimit <resource> <cur> <max>
Set the rlimit for a resource.

setsebool <name>=<value>
Set SELinux boolean <name> to <value>.
<value> may be 1|true|on or 0|false|off

start <service>
Start a service running if it is not already running.

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