Stupidly inefficient hybrid sorting algorithm
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stupidly inefficient hybrid sorting algorithm


Use python3 to run, providing it with a valid filename and a number for the random seed. Optionally, you can add a 1 at the end to show full output of the execution. Oh, and remember to pipeline your output to another file.


python3 numbers1.txt 42 1 >> numbers1sorted42full.txt

How it works

  1. Reads a list of numbers from the file specified (space separated, can contain newlines and tabs).
  2. Starts a random generator, using the provided seed.
  3. While the list is not sorted (and yes, it compares it every step of the way with a sorted version of itself), it picks a sorting algorithm at random and uses some random values to sort part of the list (usually quite poorly).

The following sorting algorithms are implemented:

  • Bubble sort (one full pass of the list)
  • Insertion sort (until a preset amount of swaps is executed)
  • Merge sort (works on a subset of the list)
  • Quick sort (random pivot, no recursion)
  • Selection sort (single position on the list receives its final value)
  • Bucket sort (random amount of buckets, no recursion)
  • Radix sort (based on least-significant digit) Not used due to low speed and problems caused in sorting
  • Patience sort (single iteration, reversed stacks)
  • Gnome sort (works on a subset of the list)
  • Odd-even sort (single step of the algorithm, specified at random if odd or even)
  • Stooge sort (works on subset of the list)


MIT License, feel free to do whatever you want with this.