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Code for generating the Chameleon CC-CentOS7 image
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This directory contains the scripts used to generate the Chameleon KVM and bare-metal CentOS 7 images. It relies on diskimage-builder.

There are a couple variants of images it can produce, assembled using the needed elements:

  • base
  • gpu - Includes CUDA8 / CUDA9 framework
  • fpga - Includes Altera Nallatech tools

Images are created with diskimage-builder


sudo         # install tools and dependencies
python base  # create the "base" iamge with most recent cloud image


Installed by

  • qemu-utils:
    • CentOS: yum install qemu-img, may also require epel-release
    • Ubuntu: apt-get install qemu-disk
  • diskimage-builder: pip install diskimage-builder


The main script takes the variant and revision number.

python --help.

The output is dumped to a temporary folder.

At the end of its execution, the script provides the Glance command that can be used to upload the image to an existing OpenStack infrastructure.

The other scripts in the elements directory are invoked by This script does the following:

  • Download a CentOS 7 cloud image from upstream
  • Customize it for Chameleon (see elements directory for details)
  • Generate an image compatible with OpenStack KVM and bare-metal

The image must then be uploaded and registered with Glance (currently done manually, by running the Glance command given at the end of execution).

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