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This directory contains the scripts used to generate the Chameleon KVM and bare-metal Ubuntu images. It relies on diskimage-builder.


Install on Ubuntu or CentOS with It installs


The main script takes an output variant as a single input parameter:

python <output_variant> [--release <release>]

For this image, the current supported variants are:

  • base: General Ubuntu image
  • gpu: includes CUDA driver
    • Needs to be built from another Ubuntu image with the same kernel as it grabs the kernel info to install headers, and also on a GPU node so the NVidia installer doesn't abort.
  • arm64: Creates post-processed kernel and ramdisk
    • Can be built on an ARM64 node or x86 node

The .py script does some parameter parsing, configures then environment, then exec's the .sh script. Calling the .sh directly requires a few envvars to be set.

At the end of its execution, the script provides the OpenStack command that can be used to upload the image to an existing OpenStack infrastructure.

This script does the following:

  • Download an Ubuntu cloud image from upstream
  • Customize it for Chameleon (see elements directory for details)
  • Generate an image compatible with OpenStack KVM and bare-metal

The image must then be uploaded and registered with Glance (currently done manually, by running the OpenStack command given at the end of execution).


Cloned/run by Jenkins with

If the script is run by Abracadabra, it looks for the magic line "Image built in (path)", so don't change that (without changing the other).


Code for generating the Chameleon CC-Ubuntu image






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