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Scinia is an analytics framework to help me make charts and graphs about my life.


  • fetching: Scripts to download interesting data from devices and websites [ComingSoon™]
  • processing: An appliation that parses raw data formats and loads everything into a database. Keeps track of historical versions of each data source.
  • web: A static website with various visualizations projects and scripts to generate visualization data from the processing db.

The goal here is to transition from one-off scripts that generate 1 graph, to a whole suite of reusable components that make it easy for me to create vizualization projects that can be automatically updated.

Data Sources:

  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Google Chat (pre-2014)
  • Google Voice
  • Skype
  • iPhone messages backup (iMessage and SMS)
  • LastFM scrobbles
  • Facebook Chat [ComingSoon™]
  • Foursquare/Swarm Checkins [ComingSoon™]
  • Google Latitude [ComingSoon™]

Scinia is the 3rd interation of this project, here are my previous attempts at something like this:

V1 2011 Lacinia A mismash of terrible PHP scripts that I wrote in college to visualize my skype and google voice messages. v1

V2 2012, Rcinia Armed with 2 months experience learning ruby, I tried (with some success) to rewrite Lacinia into a Rails app that could support many different vizualizations v2