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Land Unavailability Data

Land Unavailability Data used in "Highly Disaggregated Land Unavailability"


Currently the data are available at the following levels of aggregation (Years correspond to geographic definitions from the US Census):

  • 1999 MSAs
  • 1999 MSA codes used by Saiz 2010
  • 1990 counties
  • 2000 counties
  • 2010 counties
  • 2000 commuting zones
  • 2000 five digit zip codes
  • 2010 five digit zip codes
  • 2000 three digit zip codes
  • US states


  • Data_LU: Land Unavailability total unavailability and unavailability due to slope, water, and wetlands. Zip and county files also contain a list-column with touching, adjacent polygons and summary statistics for Land Unavailability in these adjacent polygons. These can all be read in using the R readRDS() function (the data.table package may be helpful in viewing these files). Zip code files contain
  • DATA_LU_csv: Csv files with above information. The list-column with adjacent polygons is lost in the conversion to csv.


  • Note that for geographic regions that don't change over time (e.g. Los Angeles county), there might be some differences in our calculation of Land Unavailability due to (1) the resolution of the shapefiles from the US census; and (2) a slight error tolerance from compiling and cutting the various satellite images together.


For academic and government, non-commercial use only. For all other uses, please contact authors.