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Purpose: Regular Expression Interactive Tool written in Python to visually verify pattern and actions. Regular Expression Quick Reference Guide is a 2 page PDF document that contains all the rules of Python Regular Expression Language and re module methods and features.

Developed and tested with Anaconda Python.Newer versions of Anaconda distribution has PyQt5 by default. If for any reason, PyQt4 import fails on anaconda, please install PyQt4 using this command: conda install PyQt=4. (Thank you Daniel for the tip)

Distributed as part of Python Regular Expressions Course:

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0)

Video Tutorial:

To run: python (on Python 3.x version)


python (on Python 2.7 version)

Usage: Pattern - Specify pattern here Replacement Pattern - Specify replacement text or pattern (to be used with Replace button) Text - Text on which to look for Pattern Result - Output of the operation

Actions Match - Find the first match Next Match - Find subsequent matches Replace - Replace matches with specified Replacement Pattern Split - Split text based on Pattern

For comments/feedback:

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