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Use a meta-network to learn the importance and correlation of neural network weights
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Learn sparsity pattern

Magnitude-based pruning is widely used in network compression, which simply prunes away weights below certain manually set magnitude threshold. But the magnitude of weights doesn't mean importance necessarily, because there are some correlations between weights like sharpening filter. This project aims to study the correlation between weights using a hypernetwork and predict the importance of weights and filters.


  • l1-regularization(baseline): add l1-regularization on weights
  • dns(baseline): prune weights under certain threshold and splice dynamically
  • mask network: learn a hypernetwork to predict a binary mask

The input of mask network is conv2 weights of each layer, which is fed through a convolutional neural network followed by binarization function to produce a binary mask. By using some approximation techniques, this framework is differentiable and end-to-end trainable.

Parameter setting

Good paractice of parameter setting to preserve accuracy while maximizing sparsity

parameters l1-reg dns mask network
reg_lambda 1e-2 1e-5
dns_threshold 1e-1
l1_threshold 1e-4
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