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Unrusting old fashionable skills
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Unrusting old fashionable skills

Warning Machine meltdown, SYNTAX ERROR -- Sigil not found. Many problems that you as a Fixbit employee need to fix!

Good thing that in the year 20XX we have a new innovatieve solution called "Fixbitting". What is a Fixbit? Its a Hamster made with love and a thing called Chemical X. They Have the power to repair and restore anything it touches. Throw the Fixbit into the designated buttons and the Fixbit will do the rest. How do I keep my job? By doing it ofcourse. The higher the score the happier the boss will be with you. But be finished before lunchbreak, I heard its sundea sunday!

Jam Site: Global Gamejam site

Jam Year: 2020

Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product), Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)


Chanisco Tromp: Programmer, Blackbelt Snorrer

Aaron Lighthart: Programmer, Artist, Jack of all trades

Samantha Tromp: Artist en Sound designer, Likes to crush dreams to efficienty

Sean Stroet: 3D Artist, Enviroment Art, Was most "Employee of the moment" in this Jam

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