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cTimer - High Precision Timer Extension

cTimer provides a nanosecond-precision timer to Python.


import cTimer as timer

start = timer.start()

# Do a bunch of things here that take some time.

checkpoint = timer.checkpoint()

# Do some more time-vampire things here.

stop = timer.stop()

print timer.diff(start, stop) # Total execution time
print timer.diff(start, checkpoint) # Execution time of first half
print timer.diff(checkpoint, stop) # Execution time of second half

print timer.get() # Time since cTimer was imported


start() - returns an int referencing the current time stamp.

checkpoint() - returns an int referencing the current time stamp.

stop() - returns an int referencing the current time stamp.

diff(int A, int B) - returns the difference between two timestamp references provided by start(), checkpoint() or stop(). Order does not matter, result is always a positive float representing seconds.

get() - returns the number of seconds as a float since the cTimer library was imported.


Clone the repository into a new folder. Run the following commands (you may need to sudo the second one):

python build
python install


This is a lightweight extension and has not been thouroughly tested on all combinations of platforms and Python versions.

It has been tested on CentOS 5, Ubuntu 10.4, and OSX 10.5 to 10.8 using Python 2.7 and Python 3.2. All platforms were 64-bit.

This should work with 32-bit hosts, but that has not been tested yet.

This does not work on Windows hosts yet.

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