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[new] -- TR#307: description for badges and medals in mortem.txt
[new] -- TR#---: event added: darkness
[mod] -- TR#---: animation engine upgrade
[mod] -- TR#294: targeting ranges use vision calculation and are locked to vision range unless the weapon specifies a different range (shark)
[mod] -- TR#310: character screen (@) shows dodge and knockback modifiers.
[mod] -- TR#---: Ao100 / AAo666 full wins now counted as such.
[mod] -- TR#---: AoOC retooled -- starting inventory changed.
[fix] -- TR#---: melee kills tracked properly AoLT and ArchAoLT now working as intended
[fix] -- TR#---: kills are only assigned to an item if the item was used to kill
[fix] -- TR#---: weapon OnKill is called only if weapon is used to kill the enemy
[fix] -- TR#154: plural items (boots) are now properly described on floor
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed mouse scrolling along map edges (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: right click won't try to reload weapons that don't use ammo (shark)
[fix] -- TR#290: mouse targeting now respects missile range property and vision range (shark)
[fix] -- TR#290: targeting line has consistent coloring rules between console and graphics mode.
[fix] -- TR#303: SegFault from melee attacking during weapon restricted challenges fixed (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: better timed explosion animations for weapons firing multiple shots (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: pump action weapons that self charge or don't use ammo will allow 'r' to pump them (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Shottyman no longer move-reloads self charging weapons (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: BFG10K has better scattering, and scatters at close range (shark)
[fix] -- TR#303: Fixed a crash caused by a weird interaction between the player's death, a nuke, and being OnAction hooks (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: 'l'ooking no longer overwrites the last line of the message log (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Repeat level feeling command added (Shift-L by default) (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Hell's Armory/Deimos Lab can now generate a unique as its special item.
[fix] -- TR#311: Armory/Deimos Lab won't pick assemblies created in the current game as a schematic choice.
[fix] -- TR#---: MMB now properly performs both attacks always. (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Demons shouldn't freeze up any more.
[fix] -- TR#---: Vaults: Opened spaces no longer marked permanent.
[fix] -- TR#---: Deimos Lab: Schematic generation matches Armory rules.
[fix] -- TR#---: Military Base: Work around for graphics issues.
[fix] -- TR#---: Arch-Viles now take damage from acid/lava.
[fix] -- TR#---: Berserker trigger is based on Nominal HP (Iro/Marine will no longer affect it), still has minimum of 10 damage (for AoHu).
[fix] -- TR#309: AoOC now counts sacrifice and full wins properly.
[fix] -- TR#---: Technicians now get starting tech mod on challenges that were (incorrectly) removing it.
[new] -- TR#194: online Mod Server added!
[new] -- TR#194: online MOTD, Alerts and Version Check added!
[new] -- TR#273: Custom Challenges (Mods with awards) enabled!
[new] -- TR#---: Dual-Angel challenges!
[new] -- TR#228: Archangel challenges!
[new] -- TR#---: Hidden badge level!
[new] -- TR#---: custom award system for mods added
[new] -- TR#194: 3 old mods available for download (more will follow), all with awards
[new] -- TR#235: Gunrunner as new Scout master trait ( removed Running Man )
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Containment Area (paired with The Wall)
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Phobos Lab (paired with Military Base)
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Mt. Erebus (paired with Lava Pits)
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Limbo (paired with The Mortuary)
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Deimos Lab (paired with Hells Armory)
[new] -- TR#---: new special level - Abyssal Plains
[new] -- TR#243: new special level - Military Base (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#---: music tracks by Simon Volpert for The Vaults and (un)Chained Court added!
[new] -- TR#---: 6 new uniques, dedicated to Supporters, one of them as a set item!
[new] -- TR#---: new cave-city generator type
[new] -- TR#---: alternative layout for fluid rooms
[new] -- TR#---: new level type added
[new] -- TR#---: two new higher-tier level events added!
[new] -- TR#---: special crates that might have loot inside
[new] -- TR#---: elite versions of former humans (mostly in Ao100 or N!)
[new] -- TR#---: new lostsoul_ai for Lost Souls, increased stats to compensate (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#---: new mastermind_ai for Spider Mastermind, lowered damage to compensate (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#296: all BFG weapons now have insane gibbing and armor chew capabilities, no damage drop on radius and lower damage/radius
[mod] -- TR#295: Shottyman works for rocket launchers too (and their exotic/unique versions)
[mod] -- TR#---: tacboots loose dodge bonus
[mod] -- TR#---: added dedicated entry messages to all of the special levels
[mod] -- TR#---: HoCarnage made harder, moved to L14 (D6) and paired with Spider's Lair (which also has BFG9k now)
[mod] -- TR#---: special levels reordered
[mod] -- TR#---: some unique armors were added resistances
[mod] -- TR#---: cleaned up and added a few skill ranks
[mod] -- TR#---: corridors will no longer be valid fluid rooms
[mod] -- TR#---: Hells Armory has a guaranteed Exotic or Unique
[mod] -- TR#---: main reward for Hells Armory might not be random
[mod] -- TR#---: added eligible supporter names to the random names database
[mod] -- TR#---: added a message when an ammo box runs out.
[mod] -- TR#---: G-version - cave levels use different wall/floor sets
[mod] -- TR#---: more variety in the composition of monsters in cave levels
[mod] -- TR#---: some level events and level generators won't appear on ITYTD
[mod] -- TR#---: level types, level events and special rooms made more evenly distributed (+ tweaks)
[mod] -- TR#---: Allow long character name entry (26 characters)
[mod] -- TR#---: Sleep time for loops changed from 1ms to 10ms (should significantly reduce processor load)
[mod] -- TR#---: a few uniques have been added set mods they disassemble to
[mod] -- TR#---: various minor tweaks with the existing special levels (often random enemy placement)
[mod] -- TR#---: variety in hells arena layout
[mod] -- TR#---: arena levels have more interesting architecture
[mod] -- TR#---: Hell's Armory is surrounded by lava instead of wall
[mod] -- TR#---: rank info shows progress toward requirement
[mod] -- TR#281: unique/exotic earlygame generation block (depending on diff-level)
[mod] -- TR#---: new variation added to an old level generator
[mod] -- TR#---: various item tweaks on special levels (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: new map design to Spider's Lair (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#286: player info screen displays more pertinent info (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: Fireangel fixed (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed crash in which kills were registered to equipped armor (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: piercing blade correctly maintains damage amount (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: failing to equip from the ground takes no time, plays no sound
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed sound coming from far away when player uses teleporter
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed barrel sound bindings in low-quality version
[fix] -- TR#---: G-version - Hell's Armory had wrong style value
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed arena level visual looks
[fix] -- TR#---: sound for boss explosions restored
[fix] -- TR#---: linebreaks of plot screens fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: plasma and acid were supposed to be better with gibbing corpses on ground, not worse
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed possible access violation with IF_SPREAD (mancubi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Choose direction prompts now accept mouse input
[fix] -- TR#---: All ways of acquiring special items should contribute to stats
[fix] -- TR#---: Canceling mods takes no time
[fix] -- TR#---: assembling the same assembly more than once will get properly counted
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Full Win detection on non-25 level maps
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed deadly chill event
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed an edge case of SoaG 5 + Bullet dance timing
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Destroyer Diamond Badge.
[fix] -- TR#---: player will no longer start a special level on a monster
[fix] -- TR#---: overcharged plasma rifle can't be chainfired
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Reaper Diamond badge
[fix] -- TR#---: explicit level styles on all special levels - should fix fluid edge glitches
[new] -- TR#249: Universal executable -- runs with different sound engines, or tiles vs console without
loading libraries it doesn't need
[new] -- TR#260: G-version - fullscreen support (ALT-Enter or Ctrl-F12)!
[new] -- TR#274: G-version - fullscreen resolution autodetection and startup query
[new] -- TR#264: G-version - different floors and doors for Hell
[new] -- TR#263: G-version - liquid edges unblockified and animated
[new] -- TR#261: G-version - full mouse support (smart LMB/RMB on map, menus and mousescroll)!
[new] -- TR#259: G-version - Variable resolution and x2 mode for text and sprites!
[new] -- TR#278: G-version - minimap added and grid overlay (SPACE)
[new] -- TR#---: G-version - Epic background and logo by Derek Yu!
[new] -- TR#249: Graphics and SoundEngine in config.lua
[new] -- TR#249: -graphics, -console, -nosound and -fullscreen command line override options
[new] -- TR#---: hint system serving as a crude tutorial
[new] -- TR#---: all menus/screen rewritten/redesigned
[new] -- TR#---: new keybinding system - you can bind any key, and any CTRL/SHIFT/ALT combination but
the syntax is different
[new] -- TR#---: anytime screenshot possible (hardcoded for F10/F9), also in graphics
[mod] -- TR#240: recharge mechanic revamp. (tehtmi, game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#246: lots and lots of assembly changes (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#293: resistances now degrade with durability (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: configuration entries are optional, defaults will be used if not present
[mod] -- TR#---: FRONTAL option removed - all games start frontal
[mod] -- TR#---: Shottyman pulls from equipped ammo pack when no ammo is in inventory. (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: two equipped pistols can be quickswapped with Dualgunner.
[mod] -- TR#---: level 24 experience requirement dropped to be more in line. (25 unchanged) (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: Mastermind melee damage increased (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Badass changed to two-level trait. (tehtmi, game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: the player now has the customary grace period upon enter level 1. (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: different barrel types accept differnt sound bindings. (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: weapons that don't use ammo don't display it, can't be unloaded, etc. (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: added dodgebonus being property and dodgemod item property (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: added IF_FARHIT (attack ignores dinstance penalty) (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: added IF_UNSEENHIT (attack ignoares visibility penalty) (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: sniper weapon pack grants IF_FARHIT/IF_UNSEENHIT for 1/2 mods
added to weapon (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: blue armor gives 20% plasma resistance instead of fire (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: all mod packs are now exotic, have higher weights, and uniquely colored (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Vampyre gives scaling amount of HP (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#270: a lot better and readable crash handling
[mod] -- TR#271: SaveOnCrash now in config.lua, may be turned off
[fix] -- TR#151: trait screen escape fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: message coloring doesn't break on newline
[fix] -- TR#---: combat pistol has dualreload. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: tactical and assault shotties only get single reload with shottyman. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: teleboss AI bug fixed. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: full inventory AI bug fixed. (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: Ao100 level 100 fix. (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed minor issue with target line coloring. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: grammaton Cleric Cross fixed to work with new mastermind. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: JC AI bug fixed. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed chainfiring on Tower of Babel. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed large health globe on Angel of Berserk. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed scout's stair sense briefly showing stairs in a certain unintended case. (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: barrels can once again be pushed into acid & lava (though it isn't advised). (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: teleboss_ai attack fix (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#---: enemy pursuing AI fix (game_hunter)
[fix] -- TR#168: proper error messages if missing files
[fix] -- TR#---: no more cannot resume dead coroutine on program error
[fix] -- TR#265: error and assert can be normally used in modules
[fix] -- TR#105: DoomRL will give now a meaningfull error if console is too small
[fix] -- TR#---: error reports will properly report params passed
[fix] -- TR#---: Linux 64 and Mac OS X player.wad fix
[new] -- TR#---: 3*8 levels, Phobos Anomaly, Tower of Babel and Dis as "episode" end levels
[new] -- TR#---: New BOSS!
[new] -- TR#---: New Arch-Vile AI, also damage changed to 20 fire-based
[new] -- TR#---: New Mancubus AI
[new] -- TR#---: The Brick Song by Simon Volpert added as Wall soundtrack!
[new] -- TR#---: new config option "MorePrompt" allowing to turn off confirm on too many msg (kornel)
[new] -- TR#---: Angel of Confidence and Angel of Overconfidence (Angel of Haste removed) (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#039: New PowerUp! (kornel)
[new] -- TR#025: New AI for formers, barons, teleporting bosses, and spawners (game_hunter)
[new] -- TR#---: Exotic weapon: combat pistol (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: All special levels now guaranteed (unless locked out by ITYTD)
[mod] -- TR#---: Cancelling mods on AoI no longer consumes the mod (tehtmi)
[mod] -- TR#---: rapid fire shotguns now benefit from Trigger Happy (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: monsters are now subject to normal (variable) firing times (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: tweaks in level rewards for very good completion, UE now possible without lucky drops (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: Difficult medals give you easier medals of the same series if you haven't already received them (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Changes medals that were previously both exclusive and inclusive of each other (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: All current assemblies have fixed bonuses (regardless of mod order) (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: main screen detects beta state (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: combat, assault and tactical shotgun reload time set to 1.0 (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: player sight is calculated also after his turn - looks better (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: lots of AI optimization - please report any slowdowns (kornel)
[mod] -- TR#---: New rewards in Hell's Arena for Berserk, Impatience, Red Alert, Purity, Masochism, Humanity (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Armorer badges require 12/24/36/48/all specials, up from 10/20/30/40/all (game_hunter)
[mod] -- TR#---: Shorter powerup status names (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: Using fists on AoB with a weapon equipped no longer gives an inappropriate message (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Using Angel Arm can no longer remove stairs (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: JC spawns fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Sleep timer precision (add)
[fix] -- TR#---: Ballistic armor now gives melee resistance (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#229: Fixed full reload with ammo pack crash (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Trying to fire with not enough (but non-zero) ammo is now instant (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#145: double shotgun and derivative uniques display x2 modifier (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#203: OnRemove is now correctly ran if armor is destroyed on player (bug with set armors) (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: rare bug with possibility to destroy level edge walls fixed (kornel)
[fix] -- TR#---: mortem name fixes (game_hunter)
[add] -- TR#192: Player Classes added! Marine, Scout and Technician at your disposal!
[add] -- TR#---: Scout Master Traits - Shottyhead, Running Man, Sharpshooter!
[add] -- TR#---: Marine Master Trait - Survivalist, Bullet Dance!
[add] -- TR#---: Technician Master Traits - Scavenger, Entrenchment and Malicious Blades!
[add] -- TR#192: classes have now very valuable inherent bonuses!
[add] -- TR#193: proper mods finally -- currently only single-level
[add] -- TR#025: new AI for imps, mancubi, arch-viles, revenants, arachs and cacodemons, Cyber and JC!
[add] -- TR#---: ammo packs!
[add] -- TR#218: Proper resistances to damage types!
[add] -- TR#---: Something Wicked by Simon Volpert added as Mortuary soundtrack
[add] -- TR#---: Of Skull And Bone by Simon Volpert added as City of Skulls soundtrack
[add] -- TR#---: three new level events, one of them really fun!
[add] -- TR#---: reintroducing Angel of Darkness!
[add] -- TR#---: doom menu sound! :P (can be turned off in config.lua)
[add] -- TR#---: ASCII art for AoD, Revenant, Arch-Vile, Pain elemental, Mancubus (tehtmi)
[add] -- TR#---: 10 new assemblies
[add] -- TR#---: 8 new exotics, 2 new uniques!
[mod] -- TR#---: Ammochain nerfed!
[mod] -- TR#---: RECOLORING - barons and demons light magenta, cybie brown and chaingun/captain lightred
[mod] -- TR#218: revenants have now only 2 armor but resist fire (%25) and bullets (%50)
[mod] -- TR#218: imps resist fire (%25), lost souls resist fire (%75) and bullets (%50)
[mod] -- TR#218: lava elemental immune to fire damage
[mod] -- TR#218: 3 basic armors have some resistances
[mod] -- TR#218: 3 basic boots have some acid/lava resistances, but their protection reduced
[mod] -- TR#218: some uniques/exotics now grant resistances
[mod] -- TR#---: changed the way Berserker works
[mod] -- TR#---: combat shotgun minlev now 6, plain shotgun reload time reduced
[mod] -- TR#---: Berserk gives +60% resist all, +50 speed and double damage
[mod] -- TR#---: balanced some exotics and assemblies
[mod] -- TR#---: Angel of Light Travel revamped!
[mod] -- TR#---: Intuition-nerf - rangebased, also changed default symbol and color
[mod] -- TR#---: items on explored squares visible (experimental)
[mod] -- TR#---: bridges are guaranteed on rivers
[mod] -- TR#---: lava and acid appear slightly later
[mod] -- TR#---: pain elementals appear more often and earlier
[mod] -- TR#---: cyberdemons are immune to lava/acid
[mod] -- TR#193: removed sandbox
[mod] -- TR#---: arena rewards for specific challenges modified a bit
[mod] -- TR#---: Armory, Vaults and Spider's Lair have some ammo packs
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Fireangel
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed additional door generation on tiled levels
[fix] -- TR#---: Armory only complete if Shambler killed
[fix] -- TR#---: armor and player name colors fixed at extreme values
[fix] -- TR#---: Armory lever indestructible
[fix] -- TR#---: lava/acid waves generate both ways now
[fix] -- TR#---: proper BB screenshot colors
[fix] -- TR#196: single-monster events will appear!
[fix] -- TR#161: invincible barrels fixed
[fix] -- TR#213: fixed errors with > 255 beings/items on map (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#210: fixed rocket launcher after altfire (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#207: fixed duplicate generated uniques (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#206: fixed lua error for teleports (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#202: item proto breakage at save/load (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#198: fixed lua error for explode levers (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#201: fixed medical/armor Gambler's Shield bug (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#200: archi levels no longer disconnected (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#205: cave rivers no longer disconnected (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: lever sound bindings fixed (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: missile targeting ranges fixed (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: shotgun aiming/area fixed a little (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#221: teleport destination is determined at first use, no in-vault teleporting anymore
[fix] -- TR#---: restored the proper placement of status effects on the HUD
[fix] -- TR#220: monster groups are placed as groups again (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#214: overloaded nuclear weapons cannot cover stairs (tehtmi)
[fix] -- TR#---: Ammo rooms and vaults now respect difficulty ammo modifier (tehtmi)
[add] -- TR#---: Level events! Three already implemented, more to come!
[add] -- TR#---: dungeon levels now may have rivers!
[add] -- TR#---: warehouse level-type and room-type
[add] -- TR#---: max level changed to 25, after char level 12 all basic traits are pickable to a higher level (3 or 5)
[add] -- TR#---: Too Hot Down Here by Simon Volpert added as midi for Lava Pits
[add] -- TR#---: Halls of Carnage and City of Skulls... more interesting
[add] -- TR#---: start of AI overhaul -- new AI for demons and skulls
[add] -- TR#---: three new basic assemblies, two new advanced assemblies
[add] -- TR#---: 15 new badges -- ranks adjusted, and a experience rank for masochists too ;)
[add] -- TR#---: two new medals
[add] -- TR#---: four new really fun exotics (one weapon, three "packs"), two uniques!
[add] -- TR#---: new rare power up
[add] -- TR#---: one more inventory slot!
[add] -- TR#185: known assemblies screen in-game
[add] -- TR#178: configurable timestamp format for mortem and screenshot folder (and a sensible default)
[add] -- TR#---: difficulty and challenge codes on player screen
[add] -- TR#---: highlights for invulnerability, berserk and envirosuit status effects
[add] -- TR#---: config allows for command chaining
[add] -- TR#---: command.use_item for quickkeys for using items
[mod] -- TR#134: Ammochain requires TH2 and Rel2
[mod] -- TR#---: armor/boots made more rare, armor shards more common
[mod] -- TR#---: Hell Armory guaranteed on HNTR+
[mod] -- TR#---: max 4 feature rooms in city and tiled levels
[mod] -- TR#---: removed item/being limit from levels
[mod] -- TR#---: power mod color changed to light red
[mod] -- TR#---: armor/medical depot now doesn't waste charges if there's nothing to do (and has custom depletion message too!)
[mod] -- TR#---: minor balancing on existing assemblies
[mod] -- TR#---: alternative reward of Cathedral is guaranteed if req's are met
[mod] -- TR#---: no Vaults special level on ITYTD
[mod] -- TR#176: EmptyConfirm now works with unpumped combat shotguns and multiammo weapons
[mod] -- TR#---: shamblers and LE's will now respect their soundbinds (except .fire)
[mod] -- TR#---: AoPu Hell Armory always spawns a non-schematic reward
[mod] -- TR#---: quick level skips noted in player history
[mod] -- TR#---: UV+ spawns sergeants inside not outside base entry
[fix] -- TR#184: DoomRL is again Windows 95/98 compatible!
[fix] -- TR#---: all corpses are now gibbable
[fix] -- TR#---: fists no longer use wielded weapon attack time
[fix] -- TR#175: the player will no longer teleport or spawn in a locked vault
[fix] -- TR#182: spawning when there's no room (lava) wont crash anymore
[fix] -- TR#189: LS/AA bug fixed (finally!)
[fix] -- TR#186: double nuking cyberdemon bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#187: sound crash on too quick death sequence skip
[fix] -- TR#188: endless teleporter bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Unholy Cathedral is permawalled now
[fix] -- TR#---: acid barrels will once again spawn on higher levels
[fix] -- TR#---: ammo rooms with rockets will be generated again
[fix] -- TR#190: BB code screenshots fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed Arena Master CC on N! bug
[fix] -- TR#---: API inv.add, inv[] and eq[] now take string id's also
[fix] -- TR#174: bulk-modded minigun wont crash (ammo and ammomax limit raised)
[fix] -- TR#177: chaining assemblies not possible anymore
[add] -- TR#---: Asynchronous animation system!
[add] -- TR#---: Assemblies! Play around with different combinations of mods to create new equipment!
[add] -- TR#---: Hell Armory revisited! Now with a special prize!
[add] -- TR#---: Lava Pits now have a guardian and special reward!
[add] -- TR#---: The Vaults are now openable!
[add] -- TR#---: New powerful configuration system!
[add] -- TR#---: advanced error recovery mechanism (error.log and recovery)
[add] -- TR#---: Command line switch -config filename.lua
[add] -- TR#---: JC level and Unholy Cathedral MIDI track added (by Simon Volpert)
[add] -- TR#---: 15 new medals (most of them hidden) and 20 new badges!
[add] -- TR#---: alternative reward for Cathedral... sometimes...
[add] -- TR#---: two new options for Config -- IntuitionColor and IntuitionChar
[add] -- TR#---: Single monster level type added! (Xander)
[add] -- TR#---: 3 more exciting exotics and 2 unique item!
[add] -- TR#---: the ultimate ending...
[add] -- TR#---: new more powerful Lua API
[mod] -- TR#---: Finesse works now on melee attacks
[mod] -- TR#---: Ao100 badges rebalanced -- Platinum requires UV and Diamond requires N!
[mod] -- TR#---: more arena-type level layouts
[mod] -- TR#---: only wider mazes will generate now
[mod] -- TR#152: durability of armor is no longer limited to 255
[mod] -- TR#165: finished special levels are also marked blue
[mod] -- TR#153: more varied death reasons
[mod] -- TR#164: Proper demon melee sound
[mod] -- TR#117: Uniques can now be fully soundbinded
[mod] -- TR#173: You can now change colors of tiles in colors.lua
[fix] -- TR#---: Conqueror/Explorer fix
[fix] -- TR#---: Typos and grammar fixed (Tavana)
[fix] -- TR#147: Berserker damage reduction bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#118: Shotgun unique sounds fixed
[fix] -- TR#166: Nightmare! may now be autochosen
[fix] -- TR#117: "CENTER" can be used in ini-file (by default means wait)
[fix] -- TR#---: on challenge info fixed
[fix] -- TR#148: item generation glitch fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: blood eating walls in vaults fixed
[fix] -- TR#167: enemy telefrag bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#149: sniper mod fixed
[fix] -- TR#160: N! mortuary AA multispawn fixed
[fix] -- TR#155: unique mods on AoI fixed
[add] -- TR#032: Hellgate added!
[add] -- TR#098: Lesser uniques made non-unique Exotics!
[add] -- TR#033: Experimental GMF support
("doomrl -record filename.gmf")
[add] -- TR#---: Experimental sandbox level support
("doomrl -sandbox sandbox/sandbox_arena.lua")
[add] -- TR#---: [secret feature]
[add] -- TR#---: added two exotic weapons (shotgun and chain)
[add] -- TR#093: Gibbing! Massive damage (nukes included) doesn't leave corpses,
and corpses may be destroyed
[add] -- TR#---: Unhandled Exceptions now leave a error.log!
[add] -- TR#---: color.ini added :)
[mod] -- TR#---: Trait screen can be accessed anytime ("T")
[mod] -- TR#098: removal of advanced weapons, whizkid bonus upped
[mod] -- TR#---: walls and other terrain now have hp in addition to armor
[mod] -- TR#098: all UNIQUE's resist destruction, lava, nuking and armors don't
get destroyed
[mod] -- TR#100: armor always has at least 1 protection until destroyed or 0
durability, made stronger armors more durable
[mod] -- TR#---: balance : arachs and commandos 1 less accuracy, arachs 1 less shot
[mod] -- TR#---: balance : demons upgraded
[mod] -- TR#122: medal info on player screen
[mod] -- TR#---: upgraded HOF table
[mod] -- TR#---: upgraded player info screens
[mod] -- TR#124: message on all wall destroying lever
[mod] -- TR#093: Nightmare! is Fast -- monsters move faster, shoot more often
[mod] -- TR#116: you can now escape out of the mod menu
[mod] -- TR#---: DoomRL now blocks the close window button and doesn't react for
Ctrl-C (Windows only)
[mod] -- TR#136: LockClose and LockBreak options added to ini
[mod] -- TR#112: ESCAPE and OK ini-settings now correctly recognized
[mod] -- TR#BNT: Fireangel requirements changed (now an alternative shotty-run trait)
[mod] -- TR#141: Gib sound added
[mod] -- TR#138: Megasphere fixes armor on AoMs
[mod] -- TR#139: Failed JC kill attempts count as a win now
[mod] -- TR#063: Ao100 now has a proper mortem and highscore message
[fix] -- TR#114: zero-time melee attack fixed
[fix] -- TR#109: barrels pushed into acid/lava have now the proper explosion
[fix] -- TR#108: phase devices are properly used on AoI
[fix] -- TR#106: crash on Blaster with Shottyman fixed
[fix] -- TR#104: infinite loop on corrupted savefile fixed
[fix] -- TR#103: crash on mortem fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: UAC Diamond Badge now achievable
[fix] -- TR#125: correct meta-information for executable
[fix] -- TR#110: nuking oneself will no longer give abnormaly low scores
[fix] -- TR#101: shotgun pump sound position fixed
[fix] -- TR#113: gun kata now dual-reloads uniques
[fix] -- TR#115: fixed all badge bugs relatred to timed or max-kill challenges
[fix] -- TR#120: EmptyConfirm message now appearing correctly
[fix] -- TR#121: "normal" highscore filter works again
[fix] -- TR#123: monster spawning on player fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Fixed MasterDodge trait
[fix] -- TR#---: Railgun shots visible again
[fix] -- TR#126: nuke nick of time bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: score is no longer based on game-time
[fix] -- TR#137: updated AoB description
[fix] -- TR#---: crash on God Hand rank fixed
[fix] -- TR#129: viewing enemy information out of LOS via LookMode not possible
[fix] -- TR#143: Unaccesible stairs bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed crash on too long staying on a level on Nightmare
[fix] -- TR#---: OnKill hook active again (fixes a couple bugs, thanks sorear)
[add] -- TR#003: Master Traits implemented!
[add] -- TR#002: enhanced traits pick menu!
[add] -- TR#001: items sets implemented!
[add] -- TR#065: Phaseshift set, Gothic setm Angelic Set
[add] -- TR#023: Skill rank system blown up -- now badge-based, and 19 levels!
[add] -- TR#023: Badges galore! 91 badges to aquire!
[add] -- TR#---: Two new unique weapons, two new unique armors, unique modpacks
[add] -- TR#080: real-time total player time tracking
[add] -- TR#022: enhanced kills player page
[add] -- TR#020: New enhanced player and score files!
[add] -- TR#022: Uniques in player data!
[add] -- TR#023: Medals!
[add] -- TR#029: player.wad and score.wad backup
[add] -- TR#076: Mods made multi-purpose!
[add] -- TR#078: Melee weapons can now be modded!
[add] -- TR#270: Angel of Shotgunnery and Angel of Max Carnage
[add] -- FS#279: Two new kinds of barrels!
[add] -- FS#---: Alternative Reload descriptions
[add] -- FS#---: Alternative Fire Modes (Chain fire!)
[mod] -- FS#---: Chaingun fires now 4 shots, Plasma 6 shots, plasma accuracy+1
[mod] -- TR#096: Dodge master a advanced trait, Gun Kata requires Dodge Master
[mod] -- TR#096: CatEye returns as master trait, removed Regenerator
[mod] -- TR#096: Cacodemon blast smaller
[mod] -- TR#096: Plasma now halves armor (plasma weapon damage reduced a bit)
[mod] -- TR#096: Vaults now have a teleport in the middle vault
[mod] -- TR#---: enemies no longer hunt useless items
[mod] -- TR#086: Targeting changed -- if last turn you aimed at an empty coord, it will reaim
[mod] -- TR#---: AoD and AoDD removed
[mod] -- TR#---: AoRA time reduced to 4 minute
[mod] -- TR#---: Rebalanced unique items
[mod] -- TR#---: Minigun can now be modded, many uniques can be modded once
[mod] -- TR#---: BFG9000 now has half knockback, BFG10K made a true ass-kicker
[mod] -- TR#---: brute now gives +2 melee hit chance
[mod] -- TR#---: broken player dats are now marked as such, instead of removing
[mod] -- TR#---: added more sensible arena final reward for AoB and AoMr
[mod] -- TR#---: Angelic Armor no longer can be destroyed when worn
[mod] -- TR#---: Finesse now gives 15% bonus
[mod] -- TR#---: Intuition is now 2-level
[mod] -- TR#076: removed traited (e.g. rapid) weapons
[mod] -- TR#062: items dropped on or flooded by acid/lava will now be destroyed
[mod] -- TR#004: sound now via FMOD (should fix some crashes!)
[mod] -- TR#055: armor damage reduced for better armors
[mod] -- TR#054: shotgun damage upped to 8 dice
[mod] -- TR#013: overcharged bfg's have +20 damage, plasmas +2
[mod] -- FS#276: Cybie, AoD, JC have now upped health on higher difficulty levels
[mod] -- FS#---: Arch-vile blast can be sidestepped
[mod] -- FS#268: natural attacks are now stored as weapons
[mod] -- FS#---: monsters now have different (configurable) attack chances
[mod] -- FS#---: cacodemon missiles are now easier to sidestep
[mod] -- FS#---: Knife has now a +1 accuracy bonus
[mod] -- FS#---: Badass is now a single level trait that stops Health degradation
and gives a bonus to knockback stopping. Also it gives a 25%
chance of not getting hurt at all when receiving <1 damage
[mod] -- FS#---: Barons and knights are now acid resistant
[mod] -- FS#---: LookMode descriptions are now complete
[mod] -- FS#263: Visual and message warning of ending power up
[mod] -- FS#---: Acid damage damages armor twice as fast
[mod] -- FS#---: Sharpnel damage (shotguns) is affected *2 by armor
[mod] -- FS#---: Explosions from missiles hitting walls now happen a square before the wall
[mod] -- FS#---: made Megasphere more often
[mod] -- FS#---: Player level 20 achieveable, exp view is MAX at 20
[mod] -- FS#274: Message is printed when an unique is destroyed by an explosion
[fix] -- FS#---: Enemy Melee attacks now properly use the difficulty toHit bonus
[fix] -- TR#---: double level bug fixed
[fix] -- FS#---: toHit values now properly displayed
[fix] -- FS#262: LS is no longer seen from outside of the Cathedral
[fix] -- FS#253: Inventory view no longer crashes when empty
[fix] -- FS#251: Screenshots record dots properly now
[fix] -- FS#252: Envirosuit can no longer be carried on AoI
[fix] -- TR#006: screenshots fixed
[add] -- FS#---: 2 additional inventory slots!
[add] -- FS#---: Added Revenant!
[add] -- FS#---: All items have now descriptions
[add] -- FS#---: Colored inventory/eq menus (may be turned off in ini-file)
[add] -- FS#---: New Special levels - The Lava Pits and The Vaults
[add] -- FS#---: Save count and crash count added into mortem.txt
[add] -- FS#064: New item - envirosuit pack
[add] -- FS#---: Added new unique pistol
[add] -- FS#---: Highscores can now be filtered for "no challenge" ("-" key)
[add] -- FS#157: Default menu style for inventory is now Hybrid (both arrow keys and letters)
[add] -- FS#157: Inventory menu handling can now be set using InvMenuStyle in ini-file
[add] -- FS#219: You can now set a default name in the ini-file
[add] -- FS#225: Added more variations of monster groups
[mod] -- FS#---: Berserk melee damage is now *2 not *3, but AFTER SoB/Brute bonus
[mod] -- FS#---: Berserker is now a single level trait
[mod] -- FS#---: Changed the unique rocket launchers
[mod] -- FS#---: Dualgunner is now a single level trait (120%)
[mod] -- FS#---: EagleEye now affects melee accuracy too
[mod] -- FS#---: Inventory screen has now more info
[mod] -- FS#---: Most monsters wont happily walk into lava now
[mod] -- FS#---: Removed the places visited from the mortem
[mod] -- FS#---: Revisited Chained Court, Halls of Carnage and Hells Armory
[mod] -- FS#---: Vaults now have 2* chance of generating Unique items
[mod] -- FS#181: Acid/lava damage is halved at ITYTD difficulty
[mod] -- FS#181: Boots protection cut in half
[mod] -- FS#181: Increased Lava and Acid damage (a lot)
[mod] -- FS#181: Running halves acid/lava damage
[mod] -- FS#194: Basins of lava/acid won't generate very large
[mod] -- FS#200: Durability mod nerfed by half
[mod] -- FS#208: Armor shards work on boots also
[mod] -- FS#209: Stairs report messages when entered on
[mod] -- FS#215: Running is now delayed (value in ini) and can now be interrupted
[mod] -- FS#224: AoPc gains 1 level every 3 base levels
[mod] -- FS#237: Incremental terrain damage implemented
[mod] -- FS#243: armor levers now repair boots too
[fix] -- FS#---: Fixed a bug with ammo usage of weapons with higher than one shotcost
[fix] -- FS#---: Melee challenege Hook checks are made only for the player now
[fix] -- FS#---: Moved the killlist in player info higher to prevent overwriting
[fix] -- FS#---: Removed double explosion on barrels, increased their damage to 6d6 to compensate
[fix] -- FS#---: Running over water now possible, running over Acid not
[fix] -- FS#---: Typos fixed
[fix] -- FS#013: Nuke bug hopefully fixed (temporarily before player.dat upgrade)
[fix] -- FS#082: PowerUp soundbinds should work now
[fix] -- FS#197: Monsters no longer survive the nuke if you die before the explosion
[fix] -- FS#201: Minigun has now chaingun accuracy
[fix] -- FS#203: No more homing phase device carrying on AoI
[fix] -- FS#206: No more negative experience on AoPacifism
[fix] -- FS#207: Invulnerability resets tired/running state
[fix] -- FS#211: You can't apply accuracy mods to shotguns anymore
[fix] -- FS#212: Fixed wall boundary crash (hopefully)
[fix] -- FS#213: Uniques wont spawn with advanced traits anymore
[fix] -- FS#216: Cyberdemon wont spawn in collumns anymore
[fix] -- FS#218: Angel of Haste is playable again
[fix] -- FS#226: Fixed running the sound version with sound set to false
[fix] -- FS#227: If music for level is undefined a random track will be played (fixes Ao100)
[fix] -- FS#232: M and UC no longer spawn on ITYTD
[fix] -- FS#246: fixed arachnotron sounds
[fix] -- FS#248: CatEye now works with autoaiming
[add] -- FS#060,FS#100,FS#101,FS#164 : Four new challenges!
[add] -- FS#119: Unique Items! 2 melee, 2 shotguns, 2 pistols, 2 rocket launchers,
1 unique BFG, 1 unique plasma, 1 chaingun, 1 special item, 5 armors, 2 boots,
and 3 completely new unique weapons!
[add] -- FS#119: enhanced character ("@") screen
[add] -- FS#---: Armor and Boots mods!
[add] -- FS#---: homing phase device added
[add] -- FS#---: Accuracy mods
[add] -- FS#---: added two new skill ranks over General
[add] -- FS#---: added missing monster descriptions
[add] -- FS#063: Megasphere (200% heal and armor repair to 100%)
[mod] -- FS#---: reworked Lua scripts
[mod] -- FS#---: changed experience values for monsters
[mod] -- FS#074: optional confirmation when trying to fire an empty weapon [DaEezT]
[mod] -- FS#091: optional pickup sound for swaping, and quickkeying weapons [Malek]
[mod] -- FS#---: TOTAL Lua rewrite - expect modding and even TC's soon!
[mod] -- FS#145: Removed bleeding
[mod] -- FS#068: Vision system rehaul
[mod] -- FS#---: Juggler now allows instant swap, and instant quickkey
[mod] -- FS#---: reduced triggerhappy bonus to +1
[mod] -- FS#---: reworked and tweaked ToHit modifier
[mod] -- FS#154: tweaked AoB - removed Berserk from LHP and increased knife damage
[mod] -- FS#---: Eagle Eye bonus reduced to +2 (it's much more valuable now)
[mod] -- FS#---: monsters have a higher toHit on HMP, UV and N!, and a lower on ITYTD
[mod] -- FS#163: bumping into a wall no longer takes time
[mod] -- FS#136: Level name moved to bottom of the screen to make place for armor desc
[mod] -- FS#141: two small medpacks at start moved to inventory (large on AoB)
[mod] -- FS#---: armor now has a slight move speed penalty (Green -5%, Blue -10%, Red -20%)
[mod] -- FS#---: reworked speed system
[fix] -- FS#169: Kills percentage in mortem now rounded down
[fix] -- FS#---: Overcharged plasma rifles and BFG now add SoB bonus (they didn't!)
[fix] -- FS#147: Overcharged BFG now has more damage
[fix] -- FS#155: medpacks in inv no longer spawn on AoI, AoMs and AoP
[fix] -- FS#---: correct items spawn in City of Skulls again
[fix] -- FS#---: affects now are properly saved and loaded
[fix] -- FS#153: fixed one monster suicide range check error
[fix] -- FS#144: Ressurection crashbug fixed
[fix] -- FS#131: Juggler working again
[fix] -- FS#143: Rezscumming not possible anymore
[fix] -- FS#137: plasma rifle and BFG ammo fix
[fix] -- FS#138: boss music wasn't read
[fix] -- FS#---: Plenty minor fixes
[fix] -- FS#133: Chainsaw do not jumps into hands
[fix] -- FS#134: Crash when entered The Wall
[fix] -- FS#139: Spawn rate fixed
[fix] -- FS#132: Weapon mods are working again
[fix] -- FS#135: Computer map no longer in Halls of Carnage
[fix] -- FS#---: Arch-vile raised monsters no longer give XP
[fix] -- FS#010: scores now wont dissapear
[fix] -- FS#019: chainsaw pickup bug fixed
(22.XII.2007) r139
(19 bugfixes, 23 modifications, 5 additions)
[add] -- FS#2: New random generator for monster placement! Monsters may appear in packs!
[add] -- FS#3: New random generator for item placement! Item rarites changed and vault rewards better.
[add] -- Tactics now temporary -- Running is the default tactic
[add] -- MaxRun and MaxWait options added to the inifile
[add] -- Introducing ColorBlindMode
[mod] -- Green Armor on level 1 on non-AoB UV and N! games
[mod] -- SoG damage bonus reduced to +1 in fear of rebalancing
[mod] -- a single weapon mod can be applied to normal weapons
[mod] -- WhizKid increases modding of normal weapons by +1/level
[mod] -- Enemies no longer lineup in a horizontal line
[mod] -- 'f' when in melee executes a directional melee attack (also for barrels/doors)
[mod] -- level name color changes to blue if "relatively safe" appears.
[mod] -- easier diff levels and nightmare have now a boost to experience gained
[mod] -- character name color reflects health
[mod] -- color of the weapon on the status line changes to red if empty
[mod] -- Juggler changed - now it alows automatically using a prepared melee weapon in melee
[mod] -- Run in place (long wait) now possible
[mod] -- AoMr : you can swap weapons as long as there is a pistol in the prepared slot
[mod] -- reworked shotguns - combat now more precise, double short range and stronger
[mod] -- FS#85: reworked explosion damage
[mod] -- FS#86: rocket launchers should now be stronger
[mod] -- sounds and music now have separate ini-files
[mod] -- modified the way sound bindings work (more custom binding power!)
[mod] -- new music bindings (mp3 and midi in seperate files), also per special level
[mod] -- FS#49: rewrote the autotarget code
[mod] -- FS#8: better boots reduce knockback a little
[mod] -- FS#8: boots get damaged faster
[mod] -- FS#57: pain elementals don't leave a corpse, but spawn 3 lost souls at death
[fix] -- FS#62: Barons and Hell knights have separate sounds now (thx Malek)
[fix] -- maze levels don't generate closed rooms anymore
[fix] -- exp percent are now floored instead of rounded (no more 100%)
[fix] -- hopefully fixed one load game crash bug
[fix] -- FS#25: item wielding monsters wont wield weapons now
[fix] -- FS#22: Going downstairs, and quitting doesn't take time anymore
[fix] -- FS#17: Player WILL run over water now, and WON't run into teleporters
[fix] -- FS#12: You can no longer place a nuke on the stairs
[fix] -- FS#20: teleports will no longer be placed in corridors
[fix] -- BBCode screenshot default binding changed to F9
[fix] -- double and combat shotgun can have their own sounds now
[fix] -- Unloading of weapons now compatible with Backpack
[fix] -- fixed overmodding of weapons
[fix] -- you can no longer close a door on an item or being
[fix] -- SoB and SoG now give ranged damage bonuses (they didn't!!!)
[fix] -- reduced arenatype level difficulty
[fix] -- fixed several typos
[fix] -- fixed AoI medpack messages
[fix] -- fixed double player in arena levels
[fix] -- FS#109: Fixed crash with dual pistols
[fix] -- FS#105: Fixed crash with Phase Device on AoI
[fix] -- FS#104: Move after death no longer possible
(20 bugfixes, 19 modifications, 17 additions)
[add] -- Weapon MODs for advanced weapons!
[add] -- added backpack! powerup!
[add] -- retalitation AI for hitting out of los monsters
[add] -- Highscore Upgrade: challenges, filtering, size 500
[add] -- Added experience ranks up to Cyberdemon!
[add] -- rare new arena level type added
[add] -- new maze level type added
[add] -- advanced trait : TriggerHappy!
[add] -- advanced trait : Whizkid (max mods on weapon +4)
[add] -- Mancubus added!
[add] -- ASCII screenshots added (F10)
[add] -- BBCode screenshots added (F11)
[add] -- Added two new screens to Show Player Data
[add] -- small screenshot in mortem
[add] -- message buffer ("P") and last messages in mortem.txt
[add] -- message coloring system (see doomrl.ini)
[add] -- optional archivising of all mortem.txt's in mortem dir (see doomrl.ini)
[mod] -- guaranteed knife on level 1 on the Berserk challenge
[mod] -- Computer Maps now light only blocked cells
[mod] -- played around with music bindings for special levels
[mod] -- Nightmare! respawn slower, but NOEXP
[mod] -- armor colored on status bar based on damage
[mod] -- quick key now swaps weapon if weapon in prepared slot
[mod] -- stairs now can't have items on them
[mod] -- stairs have a different dark color
[mod] -- hitting a monster outside los has to pass 50% test
[mod] -- Stonewall advanced trait merged into Badass
[mod] -- Juggler now alows instant weapon swap - Finesse 1 required
[mod] -- Dualgunner has two levels, second level giving 100%
[mod] -- changed the history system
[mod] -- trait order in mortem
[mod] -- return to menu
[mod] -- revisited rewards for special levels
[mod] -- Frontal option for quicker gameplay start
[mod] -- Unholy Cathedral and Mortuary no longer appear on ITYTD
[mod] -- option to drop an item from equipment if inventory full
[fix] -- Mortem crashbug fixed!
[fix] -- Fixed spawning in walls in rooms full of acid
[fix] -- Finish on diff and get to level work with challenges
[fix] -- Separate victory music
[fix] -- Mortem when sacrificing
[fix] -- teleports will no longer block passages
[fix] -- running on phobos rock now possible
[fix] -- Escape skips intro
[fix] -- non-full reloading fixed
[fix] -- large medpacks don't work in AoMasochism anymore
[fix] -- challenges no longer persistent after escape
[fix] -- StartTrait = 255 fixed
[fix] -- changed the color of the highlited highscore entry
[fix] -- proper sound assignments (by Jered Cain)
[fix] -- when trying to unequip item if inv full there is a message
[fix] -- Angel of Impatience medikit fix (no longer inv full message)
[fix] -- Health globes in AoB put you into aggresive tactics
[fix] -- ArchViles only ressurect corpses in their field-of-vision
[fix] -- fixed large medpack bug on AoB when on full health
[fix] -- fixed the Cyberdemon sacrifice bug
(16 bugfixes, 11 modifications, 18 additions)
[add] -- Progress tracking!
[add] -- Challenge Modes!
[add] -- Difficulty Levels!
[add] -- new monster - Pain Elemental
[add] -- new monster - Arch-Vile!
[add] -- options BlindMode and ClearMessages
[add] -- commands for BlindMode -- ExamineItem,ExamineNPC
[add] -- Music and Sound volume in INI-file
[add] -- LUA scripting support (internally)
[add] -- an improved Hell's Arena!
[add] -- two positive lever effects - Armor and MediTech Depot
[add] -- new ini-file options: StartTrait and StartDifficulty
[add] -- prepared weapon slot and weapon swap command!
[add] -- new trait : Juggler - reduces Prepared Weapon swap time
[add] -- implemented advanced traits (with prerequisites)
[add] -- five brand new exciting advanced traits :)
[add] -- message on clearing level
[add] -- two new but deadly special levels!
[mod] -- increased the number of levels to 25
[mod] -- remade trait choice menu
[mod] -- made cateye an advanced trait
[mod] -- ported all special levels to LUA
[mod] -- all special levels dependant on Difficulty
[mod] -- a few changes in a few special levels ;]
[mod] -- increased melee hit-chance
[mod] -- using items now possible from the inventory screen
[mod] -- enhanced Berserk mode visually
[mod] -- made Computer Map reveal all items permanently
[mod] -- level-up happens faster
[fix] -- fixed levers/items in walls and tele on stairs
[fix] -- fixed bled to death on Cyber kill bug
[fix] -- fixed overspawn bug
[fix] -- ported to Valkyrie 0.4
[fix] -- fixed lever-scumming
[fix] -- Skulls, Demons and Cacodemons no longer open doors
[fix] -- corrected chainsaw first autopickup
[fix] -- cursor viewing in some places
[fix] -- fixed special level multi-visits bug
[fix] -- saving on red stairs now possible
[fix] -- mouse cursor removed
[fix] -- fixed "rapid" weapons
[fix] -- fixed a bug with combat shotgun reload
[fix] -- you can no longer close a door on youself
[fix] -- fixed a bug with global dead marine count
[fix] -- numerous small bugfixes
0.9.8 (beta)
(9 bugfixes, 4 modifications, 8 additions)
[add] -- SOUND! Yeah, now hell is getting real ;-)
[add] -- MUSIC! Let the party begin!
[add] -- Possibility to bind MP3Files instead
[add] -- Prepared bindings for MP3's from
[add] -- Saving on crash, finally! (greetings to R. Dan Henry)
[add] -- new level TYPE! (dedicated to Archibald ;-) ).
[add] -- another deadly level TYPE!
[add] -- killrate in mortem
[mod] -- Boots get more damaged
[mod] -- Cyber is unaffected by knockback!
[mod] -- Cyber has increased vision (prepare phase-devices)
[mod] -- increased Invulnerability duration.
[fix] -- proper Keybindings support in target and look mode
[fix] -- no pumping message when combat shotgun empty
[fix] -- fixed a CreateRoundDir bug
[fix] -- fixed a blood boots crash bug
[fix] -- fixed a bug in the celleffect code (possible IsPlayer crash)
[fix] -- fixed a bug in the telefrag code (possible IsPlayer crash)
[fix] -- NoIntro and NoFlashing in ini file works as it should
[fix] -- IronMan also increases HP (not only HPMax)
[fix] -- Cyberdeamon => Cyberdemon
0.9.7 (beta)
(11 bugfixes, 19 modifications, 9 additions)
[add] -- configuration file
[add] -- modification of keybindings in config file
[add] -- very simple run command ","
[add] -- Dodge System! Moving helps dodging slow missiles a lot!
[add] -- pump-action combat shotgun instead of assault shotgun!
[add] -- special reload "R" for some weapons
[add] -- added a new monster
[add] -- added new special level...
[add] -- new Level TYPE! More to come ;-)
[mod] -- unloading weapons from ground
[mod] -- ported the whole source to the new Valkyrie library
[mod] -- video handeled by voutput
[mod] -- input handeled by vinput
[mod] -- shotgun hit color depending on damage
[mod] -- changed the distance modifier for shotgun
[mod] -- changed (increased and equalized) shotgun damage
[mod] -- reduced the amount and radius of barrels
[mod] -- reduced the blast radius of explosions
[mod] -- decresed the rarity of advanced weapons
[mod] -- Hellrunner affects Dodge chance
[mod] -- Ironman trait now gives a whole 10 HP! That's 20% up!
[mod] -- Finesse now doesn't reduce damage!
[mod] -- capped Finesse and CatEye to level 2 (they are powerful now)
[mod] -- increaseed Brute benefit from +2 to +4 (thats +12 on level 3!)
[mod] -- increased EagleEye benefit to +3 (it was +1 before!!)
[mod] -- Son of a gun = pistol damage +2/lv! Imagine:11avg.dmg, twice as fast!
[mod] -- a little manual update (esp. extended Keybindings section)
[mod] -- moved the level number so full weapon info is visible
[fix] -- fixed a quit bug
[fix] -- fixed a bug in showing the look description
[fix] -- fixed a bug that prevented wall destruction
[fix] -- now you can define weapon quickkeys yourself. No more quick key code :-D
[fix] -- fixed many portability bugs
[fix] -- fixed the forward knockback bug ;D
[fix] -- fixed that damn levgen bug -- no more impassable/corrupt levels
[fix] -- fixed a lot crash bugs :-/
[fix] -- fixed some typos
[fix] -- Ironman trait didn't work at all! Fixed ;-)
[fix] -- CatEye now works!
0.9.6 (beta)
(14 bugfixes, 7 modifications, 11 additions)
[add] -- added two monsters (from DoomII ;-) )
[add] -- barrels can be pushed ;-)
[add] -- added knockback! Shotgun keeps their distance ;-)
[add] -- corpses ;-)
[add] -- added a few missing ASCII images
[add] -- armor shards to fix up your armor ;-)
[add] -- monsters may be armoured (Cyberdemon has 4!)
[add] -- non-standard weapons - watch for yellow '}'
[add] -- assault shotgun to be found :D
[add] -- added weapon unload button
[add] -- secret level and ultimate ending - realy hard to find ;-)
[mod] -- upgraded inventory sorting
[mod] -- various reload times and various firing times for various weapons
[mod] -- percentage experience indicator
[mod] -- hp over 100% decays over time
[mod] -- LostSouls and Cacodemons no longer are affected by Lava/Acid
[mod] -- Barons and HellKnights are no longer affected by Acid
[mod] -- some item rarity tweaks
[fix] -- maybe fixed the barrel explosion bug
[fix] -- wait key (.) implemented
[fix] -- fixed health increases from globes
[fix] -- spelling mistakes
[fix] -- updated the keybindings list
[fix] -- fixed wound indication for > 255%
[fix] -- hopefully fixed the bleeded to death bug
[fix] -- fixed the bug of unexploding rockets
[fix] -- minor bug: Ironman didn't give HP at start
[fix] -- minor bug: name didn't show up after start
[fix] -- ROTFL - noticed that the double shotgun fired just one shot! fixed :D
[fix] -- fixed item Rarity code
[fix] -- fixed a access violation bug (hope it's THE one...)
[fix] -- added a confirmation message before entering cheat mode
0.9.5 (beta)
(2 bugfixes, 1 modifications, 9 additions)
[add] -- added a batchfile that fixes screen size and codepage problems
[add] -- added a first run screen
[add] -- bloodtracks ;-)
[add] -- finally added levers! 'u'se them to activate :D
[add] -- added another CRAZY feature - only for Doom geeks ;)
[add] -- added tactics -- use [TAB] to switch tactic
[add] -- added a new CRAZY item ;)
[add] -- added the Doom Virtual Machine (ROTFL ;)
[add] -- added traits!
[add] -- new special level...
[add] -- added quit messages.
[mod] -- increased reload time
[fix] -- fixed a bug with wrong death reason message
[fix] -- fixed a bug that prevented game-load
[fix] -- fixed bug that crashed the game when pressing 1 when axe in hands
0.9.0 (beta)
(5 bugfixes, 4 modifications, 12 additions)
[add] -- possibility of external level
[add] -- added images od cyberdemon and player
[add] -- added levelnames and player default names
[add] -- intro added
[add] -- room memory (invisible...but see below :)
[add] -- [TAB] during targeting switches targets
[add] -- vaults added
[add] -- pool rooms added
[add] -- teleports added
[add] -- off-vision death message
[add] -- BFG 9000 is to be found :) At last some true cleaning...
[add] -- added ability to use fixed levels. Added first level
[mod] -- you hear explosions that you don't see
[mod] -- moved all help and data files into a single file -- doomrl.wad ;)
[mod] -- extended drop (allows you to automaticaly drop items to near squares)
[mod] -- tweaked rarities a bit
[fix] -- no more stupid Lava/Acid damage to flying/hovering creatures ;)
[fix] -- monsters no longer gain experience after death
[fix] -- a critical bug in the apply_damage procedure fixed
[fix] -- using medpacks while full health doesnt reduce HP anymore
[fix] -- fixed a serious memory leak
And a few others I can't remember now...
0.8.3 (beta)
(6 bugfixes, 8 modifications, 2 additions)
[add] -- open/close door doesn't ask for direction if one door or none present
[add] -- added message when armor protection worsens
[mod] -- targeting remembers targeted barrels
[mod] -- levels harder to achieve
[mod] -- explosion damage no longer goes through walls
[mod] -- Breserk Packs better and rarer (they heal to 100% and reduce wounds)
[mod] -- pistols have now only a 6 bullet magazine :) reload more often :)
[mod] -- trying to fire an empty weapon no longer takes a turn
[mod] -- just viewing the inventory or equipment doesn't take a turn
[mod] -- a few other actions don't take a turn
[fix] -- finaly killed the 0 ammo bug!
[fix] -- status clear after dshotgun fixed
[fix] -- more accurate damage indicator by weapons (double -- x2)
[fix] -- Invunerability no longer reduces your health to 100%
[fix] -- proper message when no more place for ammo
[fix] -- no more off-LOS attacks
0.8.2 (beta)
(10 bugfixes, 6 modifications, 4 additions)
[add] -- wear/wield can be now done from the inventory screen
[add] -- double shotgun quickkey is 3 :)
[add] -- small Health Globe and large Health Globe -- instant healing
[add] -- post-mortem file viewed after death
[mod] -- additional info on the title screen
[mod] -- rest command now obsolete
[mod] -- no more natural healing :)
[mod] -- made bleeding more deadly
[mod] -- small med-pack heals bleeding and is toned down (HPMax/4)+2
[mod] -- thrown out the credits -- they were useless anyway
[fix] -- Escape doesn't exit anymore -- use X instead
[fix] -- messages for quickkeys
[fix] -- fixed name entry bug
[fix] -- explosions no more create locked doors :)
[fix] -- you can use space instead of enter on most of the screens
[fix] -- proper death message when killed by bleeding
[fix] -- no more multiple 'you die!' messages :)
[fix] -- message field cleared every level
[fix] -- fixed colors of Invunerability
[fix] -- character dies at 0 hp
0.8.1 (beta)
(5 bugfixes, 3 modifications, 2 additions)
[add] -- added remembering of last target
[add] -- player color reflects worn armor
[mod] -- changed the breserk pack to be twice as long
[mod] -- renamed help files to *.hlp
[mod] -- space browses [more] text
[fix] -- removed beta-test numbers from melee routines
[fix] -- removed "gold pieces" form credit pickup code
[fix] -- corected some mistakes in the manual
[fix] -- added info on armors to manual
[fix] -- bugfix on Shotgun code
0.8 (beta)
-- first beta-test release