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Diablo 2 VersionChanger by ChaosMarc

With this tool you are able to switch easily between all patch versions of Diablo 2 from 1.00 Classic to 1.14d LoD, install PlugY and create shortcuts to start specific patches.


  • Unpack the VersionChanger.7z into your Diablo 2 install-folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II)
  • For unpacking I recommend 7zip

Caution: If installed with the new v1.14 digital installers by Blizzard you cannot downgrade your Diablo 2 installation to older patches. When starting the game you will receive only an empty error window. To fix this either use the included MPQFix [8] or install the game with your CDs or the old v1.12 digital installers which can be downloaded in all official languages here


Run the VersionChanger.bat and select a number/character in square brackets at the beginning of a line.


For questions or suggestions please create an issue at Github or email me:


  • v4.6
    • PlugY upgrade to v14.02
  • v4.5.1
    • Added registration of MSCOMCTL.OCX to MPQFix
  • v4.5
    • Added NoCD Pack by GalaXyHaXz
  • v4.4
    • replaced PlugY v5.06 and v11.02 with v14.01
  • v4.3.2
    • added absolute path to find executable to avoid conflicts with linux find executable already in path (thanks @leo-liar)
  • v4.3.1
    • Fix: The PlugY subfolder was not copied correctly
  • v4.3
    • Added MPQFix for 1.14 installer. Thanks to fearedbliss
  • v4.2
    • replaced PlugY v10.00 (official) and v11.00 (inofficial) with v11.02 (official)
  • v4.1
    • replaced PlugY v11.00 (inofficial) with v11.01 (inofficial)
  • v4.0
    • Complete rewrite
    • Added classic patches
    • PlugY v5.06, v10.00 and v11.00 are included and can be installed automatically
    • You can create shortcuts with the current settings from inside the tool
  • v3.2
    • Added support for Patch v1.14d
  • v3.1
    • Added rare and beta patches
    • Slightly changed the copying mechanism
  • v3.0
    • Added support for Patch v1.14c
  • v2.9
    • Added D2VidTst.exe as it isn't included in the new Installers but is needed for old patches
    • Small text changes
  • v2.8
    • Added support for Patch v1.14b
  • v2.7.1
    • Fix: For 1.14a no patch_d2.mpq was copied
  • v2.7
    • Added support for Patch v1.14a
  • v2.6
    • Added support for Patch v1.13d
  • v2.5
    • Archive format changed from *.rar to *.7z
    • Fixed some error in ReadMe.txt
  • v2.4
    • Added support for Patch v1.07/v1.08/v1.09b
  • v2.3
    • Added support for Patch v1.13c
  • v2.2
    • The VersionChanger can launch every executable that launches Diablo itself.
    • The handling of PlugY or Mods, which are startet with their own executable, becomes much easier.
  • v2.1
    • Added PlugY support
    • "start" now works without a version-parameter too
  • v2.0 Added the parameter method
    • Changed from *.bat to *.exe