The source code for the Spellbook app.
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This is the source code for my spellbook app.

Building From Source

To build the app from source, you'll need Tweego (>= v1.3.0) and SugarCube (>= v2.24.0). You'll also need Node.js.

Get Tweego installed and point it toward SugarCube. If you aren't sure how, you can just place the Tweego binary in the directory with the repo. You can place the sugarcube-2 folder inside a directory called story-formats in the same place, and everything should work.

After you have everything set up, run npm install to install the development dependencies.

The projects structure works like this:

  • JavaScript and CSS go in the src directory. You need to run gulp build to have these files concatenated, minified, and sent to the appropriate places in the project directory or they won't be compiled into the project by Tweego.
  • Twee code goes in the project directory. You can also place JavaScript and CSS here, but it won't get minified if you do.
  • To build everything, use Tweego by running tweego --head=src\HEAD.html -o dist\index.html project.
  • The compiled build will be available in the dist directory as index.html, where you can play it.

Using Twine 1 or 2 to Edit

If you'd rather use Twine 1 or 2, you can either import dist/index.html directly into Twine 2, or build an archive file for Twine 1 or 2 using Tweego. Note that some features unique to Tweego (specifically adding the HEAD.html file to the output), will not work if you compile from Twine, so you may wich to re-export the project and use Tweego to build after editing.