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Markdown-based Blog Built with Sapper
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A starter template for building markdown-powered blogs with Sapper and Svelte.

👉 Demo

Getting started

npx degit Charca/sapper-blog-template my-blog
cd my-blog
npm install # or yarn!
npm run dev

Open up localhost:3000 and start clicking around.

Consult for help getting started.

🏗 Structure

The base structure of this template is the same as Sapper's default template. These are some of the new things you'll find here:


This is the home of your blog. The most important files in here are:

  • _posts.js: this module contains the logic for loading and parsing your markdown posts.
  • [slug].svelte: this is the template of your blog post page.
  • index.svelte: this is the template of your article list page.


This is where your markdown posts live in. All .md files in this directory are treated as blog posts and parsed automatically by the _posts.js module.

  • The markdown file name becomes the post slug. For example becomes http://localhost:3000/blog/hello-world.
  • Everything between the start of the post and the <!-- more --> tag becomes the article's "excerpt".
  • Frontmatter properties supported are title and date.

🚀 Deploy

Deploy to Netlify

🐛 Bugs and feedback

Sapper is in early development, and may have the odd rough edge here and there. Please be vocal over on the Sapper issue tracker.

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