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What is Flag Dialog Smokey Controls?

Flag Dialog Smokey Controls (or FDSC for short) lets you submit feedback to SmokeDetector based on your flags, rather than having to use the chat interface.

FDSC will also automatically report a post when you spam flag it, if it hasn't already been reported to Metasmoke.

What do I need to use FDSC?

To use FDSC, you will need to have all of the following:

  • Privileges with the SmokeDetector bot (read this and then request in Charcoal HQ to get them)
  • A review-approved Metasmoke account (see this for instructions on how to make an account and get it approved)
  • Either GreaseMonkey (for Firefox) or TamperMonkey (for Chrome) installed in your browser. FDSC is not guaranteed to work with the basic Userscript support built-in to your browser.

How do I install FDSC?

To download and install FDSC, click this link for the latest stable version. As long as you have either GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey installed, an install dialog should pop up.

How do I use FDSC?

NOTE: Because the code for FDSC is only injected into the page after it has fully loaded, FDSC will not work if you click the flag link before the page loads.

When you click the flag link, the normal flag dialog will appear. However, after a few seconds (depending on the speed of your internet connection), you will notice that some new items appear:

Flag dialog with FDSC enabled

  • Flagging as either Spam or Rude or Offensive will send a tpu- (true positive) feedback
  • Flagging as Not an Answer will submit naa- feedback
  • Pressing the false positive button will submit fp- feedback. (Note that this option is only available if there are no TPs. If you want to submit conflicting feedback, do it via chat)
  • The Smokey Report shows the total number of TPs, FPs and NAA feedbacks on the post.

First time setup

FDSC doesn't work automatically the first time you use it. It needs to go through an authentication process with Metasmoke before you can submit feedback with it.

The first time you flag a post with FDSC installed, it will open a new tab to Metasmoke. If you haven't logged in already, it should prompt you to do so. Then, on the 'API Access Request' screen, click 'Yes, grant permission'.

Then on the next page, press Ctrl + C to copy the 7-digit code it gives you (blocked out in red in the below picture):

The code you need to copy is blocked out in red

Now, switch back to the tab with the question/answer on it, and you should see an input box. Paste the code you obtained earlier and press 'OK'. (Note that after you click OK the box won't close, just click anywhere outside of it to close it. However, you must press OK for your code to be stored).

Now your instance of FDSC should be fully set up and working! If you have any troubles, ask in Charcoal HQ for advice. You can report bugs to either ArtOfCode or angussidney, or make an issue here on GitHub.

My token was invalidated, how can I get a new one?

Occasionally, your API token for FDSC may become invalidated, due to an accident. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Clear your token - see here for instructions
  2. Perform the first-time setup again (explained above)