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Update build script

* ViM modeline (expand tab, indent=2)

* Include the most recently changed component in the commit message
  * Previously just used the website source commit,
    which isn't very intuitive as MS wiki and Smokey wiki
    are actually edited more often than this repository

* Use git-log(1)'s pretty format to generate highlight color
  * An arguable improvement, since it's actually no different from
    hand coding ANSI CSI escape sequences

* Use git -c option=value to override committer name & email,
  so we don't have to change-and-restore
  * Also removed another modification of global git config

* Change auto-generated commit message when not on Travis
  (Why still say "Auto deploy from Travis CI"
  after detecting it's outside Travis?)
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iBug committed Aug 8, 2019
1 parent 8973868 commit de045a6336a4d6ac15e1a0f4fc99a260c8026b58
Showing with 36 additions and 28 deletions.
  1. +36 −28 script/build
@@ -53,24 +53,36 @@ script/add-front-matter.rb ms/** smokey/** &
script/create-data-files.rb &

self_time="$(date -d "$(git log -1 --pretty=%cI)" +%s)"
ms_wiki_time="$(date -d "$(git -C ./ms log -1 --pretty=%cI)" +%s)"
# yes I know this space padding is strange, but it looks tidy, no?
self_time="$( date -d "$(git log -1 --pretty=%cI)" +%s)"
ms_wiki_time="$( date -d "$(git -C ./ms log -1 --pretty=%cI)" +%s)"
smokey_wiki_time="$(date -d "$(git -C ./smokey log -1 --pretty=%cI)" +%s)"

self_info="$( git log -1 --pretty="Website commit: [%h] %s")"
ms_wiki_info="$( git -C ./ms log -1 --pretty="MS wiki commit: [%h] %s")"
smokey_wiki_info="$(git -C ./smokey log -1 --pretty="Smokey wiki commit: [%h] %s")"

# Find out which one is last changed, highlight it in log output
# and use it in the commit message of the built website
if [ $self_time -ge $ms_wiki_time -a $self_time -ge $smokey_wiki_time ]; then
COMMIT_INFO="$( git log -1 --pretty="[%h] %an: %B")"
self_info="$( git log -1 --color --pretty="%C(green bold)Website commit: [%h] %s%Creset")"
elif [ $ms_wiki_time -ge $self_time -a $ms_wiki_time -ge $smokey_wiki_time ]; then
COMMIT_INFO="$( git -C ./ms log -1 --pretty="[%h] MS wiki: %B")"
ms_wiki_info="$( git -C ./ms log -1 --color --pretty="%C(green bold)MS wiki commit: [%h] %s%Creset")"
elif [ $smokey_wiki_time -ge $self_time -a $smokey_wiki_time -ge $ms_wiki_time ]; then
COMMIT_INFO="$( git -C ./smokey log -1 --pretty="[%h] Smokey wiki: %B")"
smokey_wiki_info="$(git -C ./smokey log -1 --color --pretty="%C(green bold)Smokey wiki commit: [%h] %s%Creset")"
else # nonsense condition
COMMIT_INFO="Something wrong???"

test $self_time -ge $ms_wiki_time -a $self_time -ge $smokey_wiki_time && echo -ne '\e[32;1m'
git log -1 --pretty="Website commit: [%h] %s"
echo -ne '\e[0m'
test $ms_wiki_time -ge $self_time -a $ms_wiki_time -ge $smokey_wiki_time && echo -ne '\e[32;1m'
git -C ./ms log -1 --pretty="MS wiki commit: [%h] %s"
echo -ne '\e[0m'
test $smokey_wiki_time -ge $self_time -a $smokey_wiki_time -ge $ms_wiki_time && echo -ne '\e[32;1m'
git -C ./smokey log -1 --pretty="Smokey wiki commit: [%h] %s"
echo -ne '\e[0m'
echo "$self_info"
echo "$ms_wiki_info"
echo "$smokey_wiki_info"

COMMIT_INFO="$(git log -1 --pretty="[%h] %an: %B")"

rm -r _site/assets # remove old assets

export PAGES_ENV=dotcom #
@@ -103,26 +115,22 @@ popd &>/dev/null # OLDPWD=_site/assets/; PWD=_site/
if [ -n "$DEPLOY" ]; then
:> .nojekyll
git add --all
git config --global push.default tracking
ORIGINAL_NAME="$(git config --get"
ORIGINAL_EMAIL="$(git config --get"
git config "SmokeDetector"
git config ""

git config push.default tracking
if [ -n "$TRAVIS_COMMIT" ]; then
git commit --allow-empty -q \
git -c -c \
commit --allow-empty -q \
-m "Auto deploy from Travis CI build ${TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER:-<unknown>}" \
-m "Changed: ${COMMIT_INFO}"
git push -q
git commit --allow-empty -q \
-m "Auto deploy from Travis CI build ${TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER:-<unknown>}" \
echo -e "Skipped push to GitHub Pages."
git -c -c \
commit --allow-empty -q \
-m "Website built from $(git -C .. log -1 --pretty="%h")" \
-m "Changed: ${COMMIT_INFO}"
echo -e "Not on Travis CI, skipped push to GitHub Pages."

git config "$ORIGINAL_NAME"
git config "$ORIGINAL_EMAIL"

popd &>/dev/null # OLDPWD=_site/; PWD=(git root)

# vim: set et sts=2 sw=2:

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