Prefix tree function macros for creating a prefix tree on a big data system and using an edit distance algorithm to query it
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CFK 02/23/2016

This project is a code bundle for the HPCCSystem big data platform. The code showcases using prefix trees on a big data platform and demonstrates how prefix trees can be used to significantly improve the performance of certain algorithms such as the Levenshtein edit distance algorithm. The code is a set of three function macros that do the heavy lifting for you.

They are as follows:

  1. Create - Efficiently creates a prefix tree from a dataset
  2. QueryThorLevenshtein - Uses a dataset to query a prefix tree using Levenshtein
  3. QueryRoxieLevenshtein - Uses a string to query a prefix tree using Levenshtein

Usage examples are at the end of the file PrefixTree.ecl

Read the original code walk-through on the HPCC Systems blog:

Read how to install code bundles onto the HPCC platform:

Read about other bundles: