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Dyson Pure Cool link python library
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Dyson Pure Cool Link Python library

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This Python 3.4+ library allow you to control Dyson fan/purifier devices and Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum device.

official documentation


This library is becoming quite stable but backward compatibility is not yet guaranteed.

Full documentation

Supported devices

  • Dyson pure cool link devices (Tower and Desk)
  • Dyson pure cool+hot devices
  • Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum


The following feature are supported:

  • Purifier/fan devices
    • Connect to the device using discovery or manually with IP Address
    • Turn on/off
    • Set speed
    • Turn on/off oscillation
    • Set Auto mode
    • Set night mode
    • Set sleep timer
    • Set Air Quality target (Normal, High, Better)
    • Enable/disable standby monitoring (the device continue to update sensors when in standby)
    • Reset filter life
  • Cool+Hot purifier/fan devices
    • Set heat mode
    • Set heat target
    • Set fan focus mode
  • 360 Eye device (robot vacuum)
    • Set power mode (Quiet/Max)
    • Start cleaning
    • Pause cleaning
    • Resume cleaning
    • Abort cleaning

The following sensors are available for fan/purifier devices:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature in Kelvin
  • Dust (unknown metric)
  • Air quality (unknown metric)

Quick start

Please read official documentation

How it's work

Dyson devices use many different protocols in order to work:

  • HTTPS to Dyson API in order to get devices informations (credentials, historical data, etc ...)
  • MDNS to discover devices on the local network
  • MQTT (with auth) to get device status and send commands

To my knowledge, no public technical information about API/MQTT are available so all the work is done by testing and a lot of properties are unknown to me at this time.

This library come with a modified version of Zeroconf because Dyson MDNS implementation is not valid.

This documentation help me to understand some of return values.

Work to do

  • Better protocol understanding
  • Better technical documentation on how it is working
  • Get historical data from the API (air quality, etc ...)
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