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Extended Search Extension for WP Data Access by Charles Godwin

Refer to for changes

This plugin works with both the premium version and free version of WP Data Access

Introduction This is an alternative search algorithm that looks for the occurrence of each space delimited token in the search string rather than the default of just one string.

How to install

Download the repository zip file from Use the standard WordPress process to upload and add a plugin.

How to search

You can enter multiple words in the search box. Separate the words with spaces. The search will examine EACH record in the database for the existence of all the words. For example, if you type in the words john smith, it will check each record to see if it contains the value john AND the value smith. JOHN is the same as john. Using John smith is the same as smith john. The words you enter will be found in longer words. For example, it will find john in Johnston and smith in Smithsonian. The searched words may not all be in the same column in the record. If you want to search for a phrase or a word with spaces, then put the value in double quotes. Such as “Saint Mary” or “Le Moine”.

Column Filter

Column filter will accept special keyword EMPTY and NOTEMPTY. They must be in upper case. The plugin will test for column is NULL or column = '' for EMPTY, and column is NOT NULL and column != '' for NOTEMPTY.

Column searches are not tokenized and the entire string, as entered, is used for a search.

Note that numeric columns are only searched if the token is a number. A numeric search is for an equal match of either integer or float, depending on the type of column. Most other columns use the MySQL column LIKE "%token%" construct.

Premium Version Search

This plugin follows the premium version protocol of searching, and only columns marked as Queryable are searched.

The plugin will only work if search mode is set to Normal wildcard search.


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