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⭐️Pages repository. This includes all the PDFs for the document "Intelligent XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting". Also includes many, many, many examples and samples of XBRL instances, XBRL taxonomies, XBRL formulas, etc.
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All these files can be accessed from the URL:

Contents of this Repository

  • ⭐️intelligent-xbrl: contains a set of PDF files that have over 700 pages of information about XBRL

  • ⭐️examples: contains a set of high-quality examples of XBRL instances, XBRL taxonomy schemas, XBRL linkbases, XBRL formulas. Each example was verified to be correct using no less than four different XBRL processors to be sure they are all valid.

  • ⭐️wolfram: contains some things I am fiddling with realated to Wolfram

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