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Database observability toolkit
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This Github project should help you to make your database service observable.

For now this is compatible with MySQL and MariaDB only.

This page is currently in WIP (Work In Progress).

The USE method

The USE method was introduced by Brendan Gregg.

Utilization: disk,CPU usage …
Saturation: disk I/O, ...
Errors: network interface errors, ...

Great example when applied to resources like host CPU & Memory, or caches.

The RED method

The RED method was introduced by Tom Wilkie. It's a subset of “The Four Golden Signals” that’s focused on micro-service architectures and which includes these metrics:

Rate: the number of requests our service is serving per second;
Error: the number of failed requests per second;
Duration: the amount of time it takes to process a request;

The CASE method

The CASE method was introduced by Cory Watson.

Symptom based:

The seven golden signals

The seven golden signals was introduced by Baron Schwartz.

CELT + USE method aka the seven golden signals

Concurrency: number of simultaneous requests
Error rate: errors/sec
Latency: response time, queue/wait time
Throughput: query per seconds (QPS)



  • Complete this page with links.
  • Complete the log and metrics part
  • Add screenshots
  • Add compatibility for PostgreSQL
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