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Create interesting games in pure python.
You can star this repository to keep track of the project if it's helpful for you, thank you for your support.


Most of the game materals(including music, fonts and pictures) in this repository are collected from the web, copyright belongs to the original author.
This repository is created just for learning python(Commercial prohibition).

Support List

ID English Name Chinese Name Core Code Introduction
Game1 bunnybadger 兔子和獾(射击游戏) click click
Game2 voicecontrolpikachu 仿八分音符的声控小游戏 click click
Game3 puzzlepieces 拼图小游戏 click click
Game4 ski 滑雪游戏 click click
Game5 tankwar 经典坦克大战小游戏 click click
Game6 flappybird 飞扬的小鸟小游戏 click click
Game7 trexrush 仿谷歌浏览器小恐龙游戏 click click
Game8 towerdefense 塔防游戏 click click
Game9 catchcoins 接金币小游戏 click click
Game10 aircraftwar 飞机大战 click click
Game11 tetris 俄罗斯方块 click click
Game12 sokoban 推箱子 click click
Game13 alieninvasion 外星人入侵小游戏 click click
Game14 pacman 吃豆人小游戏 click click
Game15 gemgem 消消乐 click click
Game16 twentyfourpoint 24点小游戏 click click
Game17 pingpong 乒乓球小游戏 click click
Game18 breakoutclone 打砖块小游戏 click click
Game19 bomberman 炸弹人小游戏 click click
Game20 maze 走迷宫小游戏 click click
Game21 whacamole 打地鼠 click click
Game22 gobang 五子棋小游戏 click click
Game23 twozerofoureight 2048小游戏 click click
Game24 greedysnake 贪吃蛇小游戏 click click
Game25 minesweeper 扫雷小游戏 click click
Game26 angrybirds 愤怒的小鸟 click click
Game27 flipcardbymemory 记忆翻牌小游戏 click click
Game28 magictower 魔塔小游戏 click click
Game29 bloodfootball 热血足球小游戏 click click


Whl install

pip install cpgames-0.1.2-py3-none-any.whl

Pip install

run "pip install cpgames"

Source code install

(1) Offline
Step1: git clone
Step2: cd Games -> run "python install"
(2) Online
run "pip install git+"

Quick Start

import random
from cpgames import cpgames

game_client = cpgames.CPGames()
all_supports = game_client.getallsupported()



Projects in Charles_pikachu

  • Games: Create interesting games in pure python.
  • DecryptLogin: APIs for loginning some websites by using requests.
  • Musicdl: A lightweight music downloader written in pure python.
  • Videodl: A lightweight video downloader written in pure python.
  • Pytools: Some useful tools written in pure python.
  • PikachuWeChat: Play WeChat with itchat-uos.
  • Pydrawing: Beautify your image or video.
  • ImageCompressor: Image compressors written in pure python.
  • FreeProxy: Collecting free proxies from internet.
  • Paperdl: Search and download paper from specific websites.
  • Sciogovterminal: Browse "The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China" in the terminal.
  • CodeFree: Make no code a reality.
  • DeepLearningToys: Some deep learning toys implemented in pytorch.
  • DataAnalysis: Some data analysis projects in charles_pikachu.
  • Imagedl: Search and download images from specific websites.
  • Pytoydl: A toy deep learning framework built upon numpy.
  • NovelDL: Search and download novels from some specific websites.


If you use this project in your research, please cite this project.

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