Mask RCNN in TensorFlow
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Mask RCNN in TensorFlow

This repo attempts to reproduce this amazing work by Kaiming He et al. : Mask R-CNN



  1. Go to ./libs/datasets/pycocotools and run make
  2. Download COCO dataset, place it into ./data, then run python to build tf-records. It takes a while.
  3. Download pretrained resnet50 model, wget, unzip it, place it into ./data/pretrained_models/
  4. Go to ./libs and run make
  5. run python train/ for training
  6. There are certainly some bugs, please report them back, and let's solve them together.


  • ROIAlign
  • COCO Data Provider
  • Resnet50
  • Feature Pyramid Network
  • Anchor and ROI layer
  • Mask layer
  • Speedup anchor layer with cython
  • Combining all modules together.
  • Testing and debugging (in progress)
  • Training / evaluation on COCO
  • Add image summary to show some results
  • Converting ResneXt
  • Training >2 images

Call for contributions

  • Anything helps this repo, including discussion, testing, promotion and of course your awesome code.


This repo borrows tons of code from


See LICENSE for details.