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Studio for kdb+ / Rapid execution environment for q
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Studio for kdb+

Studio for kdb+ is a rapid development environment for the ultra-fast database kdb+ from Kx Systems. In the style of commonly used SQL Clients, it allows you to

  • Connect to kdb+ processes
  • Execute selected text from the editor window
  • View results as tables, charts, or classic console style

The editor component is based on the NetBeans editor component, and includes the following features

  • find/search/replace
  • cut/copy/paste
  • undo/redo
  • syntax highlighting for the q language
  • most recent files menu

Additionally the application features

  • export to Excel
  • drag and drop
  • immediate charting of grid data


alt tag

Current Version

3.34 build date 2018.02.28


Studio for kdb+ uses the following open source projects:


Download the latest release from

unzip it to reveal the studio.jar file. This can be then executed with the command

java -jar studio.jar


Studio for kdb+ has been developed since October 2002, and the source was released to the kdb+ community in September 2008 as the primary developer wanted to allow the community to develop the application further.

Studio is written 100% in Java. The primary motivation for its development was to be able to comfortably access remote kdb+ processes. In time, it has become clear that it is not an IDE as such, but is better described as a rapid execution environment. One can edit text in the "scratch" window, highlight a selection and execute it against a remote kdb+ process via tcp/ip, with the results displayed as a grid or as in the classic kdb+ console.



N.B. Netbeans, JFreeChart and components have their own respective licenses.

Icon Experience Collection

Selected icons within the lib/images directory are part of the Icon Experience collection ( and may be freely used with Studio for kdb+ without charge, but may not be used separately from Studio for kdb+ without a purchase of a license from Icon Experience.

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