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SSG - Static Site Generator

A Static Site Generator in ruby (so nothing new!). This is very much WIP and a hobby project so commits may be few and far between and the git history will be messy. Features:

  • Primarily for use with my own, super simple markup syntax: WebSpeak
  • also works with Markdown (using the great Redcarpet gem)
  • Will produce very simple blog websites with a generated index page
  • Simple UI for site generation that anyone can use, will be a web page itself
  • Theme-able: can use different bootstrap themes straight for unique styles

This project started off as a little project to produce a blog plugin for my already created website, rather than having to build my website around the blog.

How to run it

The website is made using the markdown docs and pictures found in the "Input" directory. Each one of the text or markdown doc files will become a web page on your site, with an autogenerated index page. The pictures on in Input will also be useable on the website if referenced in a text doc.

Once you're happy with the contents of Input, run launch.rb from the top level directory of the project. Your website will be output in the "Website" directory.


A Static Site Generator






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