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Material Theme for VCL Apps

Looking for maintainers!

For Delphi users

Based on awesome VSCode Material Theme by Mattia Astorino

Download material.vsf

Material Theme Screenshot

Project evolution

I plan to add these variants for this theme:

  • Material Darker
  • Material Lighter
  • Material Ocean
  • Material Palenight

as defined in official Material Theme.

You can find colors codes for each variant here:

Any help is welcome!

How to contribute

VCL Styles are created with "Bitmap Style Designer" that you can find in Delphi Tools.

  1. Download and install Delphi Community Edition

  2. Go to Tools > Bitmap Style Designer

  3. You can base your work on material.vsf (or on Windows 10 Dark Theme as material was created from this one but it'd be more work for you)

  4. Download and open material.vsf in Bitmap Style Designer

  5. You will need Photoshop or some image editor as most of components are actually one part of an image

  6. Find "Images" in Objects list on the left then expand it to find style.png

  7. Export it and open it in Photoshop/Gimp

  8. Do your magic!

  9. Save image and update it in Bitmap Style Designer by browsing and finding updated style.png

  10. Click on Style tab > Assign Image (it will update some of the components colors from your image colors)

  11. You will need to modify some other colors because they aren't based on image, in Colors AND SysColors on the left objects panel, and maybe in Fonts

  12. Test with the green button.

  13. Save .vsf file

  14. You can PR here or ask me to include your file in this repo

Originally designed for HeidiSQL


Material Theme for VCL Applications (.vsf) for Delphi users







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