Notifies configured email address of IP change to network where PHP script is installed
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PHP IP Notifier


PHP IP Notifier is a standalone PHP based tool for checking and updating a text file with the local network's externally-accessible IP address. It is meant as an alternative to using Dynamic DNS for user's who wish to keep track of their home broadband's dynamic IP address without maintaining a DynDNS account (or similar) or for those whose routers do not support Dynamic DNS services.


The notifier is intended to be set up as a cron job on the host machine within the network and should have internet access. Once this is achieved the script will check the externally available IP address using and write it to a file called current_ip.txt if the value retrieved from is ever different from the contents of current_ip.txt it will notify the configured recipient via email of the IP change.


  • Edit ipchecker.php and change the $config array to contain your desired email settings.
  • Touch an empty file called current_ip.txt in the same folder as the ipchecker.php file.
  • Ensure the ipchecker.php file can be executed by running chmod +x ipchecker.php on it.
  • Configure a Cron job for the running of the script (example below runs every 15 minutes): 0,15,30,45 * * * * root /tools/php_ip_notifier/ipchecker.php &> /dev/null


To test your configuration, run the script manually by using ./ipchecker.php