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A node module that provides a simple interface for putting, getting and deleting plain text files on Amazon S3
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Save a text file and load a text file from a pre-existing Amazon S3 bucket. Uses aws2js.

This absolutely isn't worth a repo of its own but it's a module in something else I'm working on. ;)

The Code

To install

npm install s3-wrapper
// then satisfy the dependencies...
cd node_modules/s3-wrapper
npm install

To use

// get a simply object..
var s3 = require('s3-wrapper')(key, secret, bucket); // bucket must already exist

// OR if you want to check the bucket is valid, pass a callback function
var s3wrapper = require('s3-wrapper');
var s3 = s3wrapper(key, secret, bucket, function(err, result){


        // then the bucket exists and we have successfully done a directory listing on it.



// put a file
s3.putFile(path, String || Buffer, callback ) // err === false, result === 'ok' if okay.

// get a file
s3.getFile(path, callback ) // err === false, result === String if okay.

// delete a file
s3.deleteFile(path, callback ) // err === false, result === String if okay.

Run the tests

To run the tests you need Mocha and Should.js. You should also put your AWS key, secret and a valid bucket you control to use in common.js by editing common.EDIT_ME.js and renaming it to 'common.js'


make test
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