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Angular seed project

Codeship Status for ChartIQ/Charting-Library---Angular-Seed-Project dependencies Status

A basic build of the ChartIQ library within the Angular 4.0 framework. This provides an example of how to implement the most common elements in the charting library. This is not a comprehensive example, more like a good starting point for an Angular developer.

Questions and support

If you have questions or get stuck using this project or the ChartIQ library, the dev support team can be reached through


Getting started

  • Clone this repository.
  • Extract the contents of your zipped copy of the ChartIQ library into src/chartiq_library/. You should now have the folders src/chartiq_library/css and src/chartiq_library/js. You may be prompted about overwriting the contents of src/chartiq_librar/js. These pre-existing files are just stub files and should be overwritten. If you have any questions about where these files should go, follow their expected path backwards from either the chart.service.ts or chart.component.ts.
  • Run npm install to install dependencies. It is strongly recommended to not have any of the dependencies installed globally.
  • Run npm start to start up the dev server.
  • Open your browser to http://localhost:3000.
    • If you have not already replaced chartiq.js and quoteFeedSimulator.js with your copies from the library zip you will see errors in the console reminding you to do so.
  • If you want to use another port, open package.json file, then change the server script from --port 3000 to the desired port number. A full list of webpack-dev-server command line options can be found here.

Working with Plugins

To see an example of how to implement a ChartIQ library plugin check out the cryptoiq-plugin branch

Contributing to this project

If you wish to contribute to this project, fork it and send us a pull request. We'd love to see what it is you want to do with our charting tools!