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Questions and support

If you have questions or get stuck using this project or the ChartIQ Charting Library, the dev support team can be reached through


This is a basic JavaFX project that utilizes JxBrowser [] to display the ChartIQ Charting Library within a browser view control.


  • An HTTP server running a copy of the ChartIQ library, version 3.0+ is required. To get your copy, visit to see a demo and get in touch with us.
  • A JxBrowser license (license.jar) is required, and must be placed on the classpath. An evaluation license can be obtained from [].
  • A Java JDK is required, and an Apache Maven pom file (pom.xml) lists the required library dependencies of the project.

Getting started

  • You will need a webserver running the ChartIQ Charting Library. The url of your webserver will need to be copied into the stxUrl variable in
  • The JxBrowser license.jar license file will need to be copied into a directory on the classpath of the application.
  • Running the application should launch a JavaFX window with the JxBrowser with a text input for you to enter a symbol.
    Clicking "Lookup" will fetch data from ChartIQ's quote simulator and populate a chart.
    In the console, all java and javascript messages will appear, including a debugging url which can be used within an instance of Chrome.