Automated SaltyBet stat tracking and betting.
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Automated SaltyBet stat tracking and betting.

NOTE: Development on this project has been discontinued.

The SaltyBet Terms of Service prohibit automated betting and the site has been modified to make it much more difficult to perform stat tracking or intelligent automated betting.

SaltyBot is intended to track the performance of fighters on the fake money gambling site SaltyBet and automatically place bets based on the fight history of the competitors.

The basic approach is to build SaltyBot as two separate components:

  • A site scraper for interacting with the SaltyBet website written as a CasperJS based script.
  • A very simple NodeJS server that manages all of the data in a MongoDB database and accepts GET/POST/PUT requests from the scraper to access and update data. An front-end interface could be added to make this info publicly available and easily accessible.