General purpose wireframe shaders for use in Unity.
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Unity Wireframe Shaders

These are general purpose wireframe shaders adapted from Unity's built-in SpatialMappingWireframe shader.

Unity Forums Thread


  • These shaders will only work on devices that support at least Shader Model 4.0. Most mobile devices do not meet this requirement.


  • Add the Wireframe directory to your Unity project's Assets directory.
  • To use the wireframe shaders, set your material's shader to SuperSystems/Wireframe, SuperSystems/Wireframe-Transparent, or SuperSystems/Wireframe-Transparent-Culled.
  • To use the replacement shader image effect, add the WireframeImageEffect component to your camera. Some other effects like GlobalFog will interfere with the replacement shaders and will need to be disabled.


All code in this repository (unity-wireframe) is made freely available under the MIT license. This essentially means you're free to use it however you like as long as you provide attribution.