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Chassis Desktop

Local WordPress development made easy.

Chassis Desktop is an application to manage Chassis development environments, without touching the command line. Create, manage, and configure development environments with a simple UI.

Install Chassis Desktop β†’

(Chassis Desktop is in beta, and may break. Please let us know if it does!)


Chassis Desktop is an Electron application, and uses build tools based on Create React App. Node.js/npm is required to build Desktop.

To run the development version:

# Clone this repository
git clone chassis-desktop
cd chassis-desktop

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run.
npm start

Building for Release

Release/production builds have two build stages: building JS for release, and building the full application packages.

# Build the app scripts
npm run build

# Verify scripts:
electron .

# Pack for testing
npm run pack

# Verify app:
open "dist/mac/Chassis"

# Pack for distribution (into DMG)
npm run dist


Chassis Desktop is licensed under the BSD License.

Contains code from the create-react-app project, copyright Facebook, Inc. Used under the BSD license.