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Run a Fake S3 server on your virtual machine for testing S3 integrations.
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Fake S3

A Chassis extension to install and configure Fake S3 on your Chassis server.


  1. Add this extension to your extensions directory git clone extensions/fakes3
  2. Run vagrant provision.
  3. Copy the fakes3-mu-plugin.php file to your mu-plugins directory to support S3 Uploads.

Configuration options

You can configure the path on the server and the port used in your chassis config file.

  port: 1234
  path: /some/custom/path

Depending on how you connect to S3 you may need to set the S3 server path and region.

Check the local-config.php for the settings you can define.

Constants are already configured to work with the S3 Uploads plugin so if you use that then there's nothing further to do!

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