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Catch all the emails WordPress sends while you're developing using Chassis!
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A Chassis extension to install and configure MailHog on your server.

With this extension, MailHog will act as a fake mail server, showing your email in the browser rather than sending it to the email address. This is great for testing where you don't want the emails to actually be sent, but still need access to them.

Global Installation

We recommend installing this extension globally to make it available on every Chassis box.

git clone ~/.chassis/extensions/mailhog

Project Installation

  1. Add this extension to your extensions directory git clone extensions/mailhog or alternatively add the following to one of your .yaml files:
      - chassis/mailhog
  2. Run vagrant provision
  3. Go to http://vagrant.local:8025/ to view your MailHog inbox.

That's it!

If you need to debug any problems, MailHog outputs logs to /var/log/mailhog/mailhog.log

Important Notes

  • This extension sets up MailHog as the default mailer for PHP; note that all email sent via mail, including WordPress' built-in wp_mail, will be sent to MailHog.

  • MailHog's database of emails is stored in memory, and will be reset when you halt the Vagrant instance.

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