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BuddyPress Core Development Extension for Chassis

This extension configures a Chassis virtual machine for BuddyPress core development.

Quick Start

Clone Chassis into the directory of your choice with this command:

# You may change buddypress-dev to the folder name of your choice.
git clone --recursive buddypress-dev

Next, create an empty config.local.yaml file in the root of the Chassis checkout, and paste in these options:

# Specify the .local hostname of your choice.
  -  buddypress.local

# Instruct Chassis to use this extension.
  - buddypress_dev
  - tester

# Set a PHPUnit version.
  version: 7.5

    # Run composer install
    - /vagrant/buddypress-develop
  options: --prefer-source

(Other Chassis configuration options may be used as normal, so long as the above paths are provided correctly.)

After creating this file, run vagrant up to initialize the virtual machine.

Once provisioned, your new BuddyPress development site will be available at buddypress.local, and you may login at buddypress.local/wp with the username admin and password password. The site will be using the /src build of the buddypress-develop repository, newly cloned on your host system at [Chassis root]/buddypress-develop and available as /vagrant/buddypress-develop inside the virtual machine.

To switch the site to use the build version of the site instead, edit the wp: line in your config.local.yaml to end in "build" instead of "src" then run vagrant provision.

Running the Unit Tests

From the host machine, use vagrant ssh to run the unit tests inside the virtual machine:

vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant/buddypress-develop && phpunit'

To run a particular suite of tests, for example just the tests defined within the WP_Test_REST_Posts_Controller class, provide that class name with --filter:

vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant/buddypress-develop && phpunit --filter BP_Tests_Activity_Class'

The best version of PHPUnit to install depends on the version of PHP you are using:

  • PHP 5.6: PHPUnit 4.8
  • PHP 7.0: PHPUnit 6.5
  • PHP 7.1+: PHPUnit 7.5


A Chassis extension for BuddyPress Core development.



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