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- name: Cavalcade
repository: Chassis/Cavalcade
description: Replace wp-cron with Cavalcade, a horizontally scalable jobs system.
- name: Debugging
repository: Chassis/Debugging
description: Install and activate common debugging plugins.
- name: Tester
repository: Chassis/Tester
description: Install and configure PHPUnit, including WordPress core unit tests.
- name: OpenSSL / HTTPS
repository: javorszky/chassis-openssl
description: Installs openssl, generates a certificate, to enable HTTPS on your site.
- name: Xdebug
repository: Chassis/Xdebug
description: Install Xdebug to profile your PHP.
- name: webgrind
repository: Chassis/webgrind
description: Install webgrind
- name: XHProf
repository: Chassis/xhprof
description: Install xhprof to profile your PHP, and view profiles through xhgui.
- name: Fish
repository: Chassis/Fish
description: Install the fish shell.
- name: MailHog
repository: Chassis/MailHog
description: Intercept outgoing mail and view it with a web interface.
- name: Node.js
repository: Chassis/nodejs
description: Install Node.js.
- name: npm
repository: Chassis/npm
description: Install the latest npm release
- name: Grunt
repository: Chassis/Grunt
description: Install Grunt
- name: Gulp
repository: Chassis/Gulp
description: Install Gulp
- name: Yarn
repository: Chassis/Yarn
description: Install Yarn
- name: Bower
repository: Chassis/Bower
description: Install Bower
- name: Memcache
repository: Chassis/Memcache
description: Install memcache and add it to PHP (uses PECL memcache).
- name: Redis
repository: shadyvb/chassis-redis
description: Install Redis and add it to PHP.
- name: MariaDB
repository: Chassis/MariaDB
description: Install MariaDB
- name: SequelPro
repository: Chassis/SequelPro
description: Open your database in Sequel Pro with a single command
- name: phpMyAdmin
repository: Chassis/phpMyAdmin
description: Install phpMyAdmin
- name: Database Backup/Restore
repository: Chassis/db-backup
description: Backup and restore your database automatically on destroy/provision
- name: Photon
repository: Chassis/Photon
description: Install a local copy of Photon to serve images.
- name: ElasticSearch
repository: Chassis/Chassis-Elasticsearch
description: Adds an ElasticSearch server to your Chassis box
- name: Gutenberg
repository: Chassis/Gutenberg
description: Install Gutenberg
- name: PHP CodeSniffer
repository: Chassis/phpcs
description: Install PHP CodeSniffer
- name: phpfpmconf
repository: Chassis/phpfpmconf
description: Modify php-fpm.conf programmatically
- name: PHP.ini
repository: Chassis/phpini
description: Load and apply custom settings for php.ini files
- name: WordPress Classic VIP
repository: Chassis/vip-classic
description: Add support for WordPress VIP Classic environment, replaces the discontiued QuickStart
- name: Imagick
repository: Chassis/Imagick
description: Add ImageMagick to PHP.
- name: Gmagick
repository: Chassis/gmagick
description: Install Gmagick
- name: mcrypt
repository: Chassis/mcrypt
description: Install mcrypt
- name: ElasticSearch
repository: Chassis/chassis-elasticsearch
description: Install ElasticSearch
- name: Minio
repository: Chassis/Chassis-Minio
description: A Chassis extension to install and configure the Minio server and client on your Chassis server.
- name: Tachyon
repository: Chassis/Tachyon
description: A Chassis extension to install and configure Tachyon on your Chassis server.
- name: Fake S3
repository: Chassis/FakeS3
description: A Chassis extension to install and configure Fake S3 on your Chassis server.
- name: v8js
repository: Chassis/v8js
description: Installs the v8js PHP extension, letting you run JavaScript code in PHP.
- name: intl
repository: Chassis/intl
description: A Chassis extension to install and configure Intl on your server.