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This extension adds Kibana to Chassis so you can visualise your ElasticSearch data locally
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Chassis Kibana

This is work in progress and won't work without a lot of manual hacking! 😱

Known Issues

  1. This requires the Bionic Beaver branch of Chassis to get the latest version of Puppet.
  2. This requires the Bionic Beaver Chassis_Elasticsearch branch of Chassis Elasticsearch.
  3. You'll need a plugin such as ElasticPress and if you're using a default Chassis setup you will need to set the ElasticSearch host setting to: http://vagrant.local:9200 and save and sync the site.
  4. If you've got this far then you should be able to visit http://vagrant.local:5601/. You'll then be asked to configure an index pattern. index pattern
  5. Change your index pattern to vagrantlocal* index pattern and click 'Create'.
  6. If you've managed to hack everything thus far you'll see something like this
  7. We'll definitely automate a lot of this kinda stuff once Chassis core moves to Bionic Beaver in the future and we'll make sure things are backwards compatible!
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