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Chassis Yeoman Generator

Generate a new Chassis project.


First, install Yeoman and generator-chassis-wp using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-chassis-wp

Then generate your new project and follow the prompts.

yo chassis-wp

You can also bypass installing the packages globally and start the generator in a single command by using npm 5's npx command

npx -p yo -p generator-chassis-wp -c yo chassis-wp

What happens during installation?

When running the generator, you will be prompted for

  • Project name. Used for folder name where the project gets scaffolded.
  • PHP Version.
  • If multisite should be enabled.
  • Which extensions to automatically enable.

All options, except for project name, will be saved as the default for the next generation you do.


Flag Description
--skip-vagrant Will skip bringing newly created project up via Vagrant.
--defaults Will skip all options except name and use the saved defaults.