A Chassis extension to install PHP_CodeSniffer on your Chassis box
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A Chassis extension to install and configure PHP_CodeSniffer with WordPress Coding Standard Sniffs on your server.


  1. Add this extension to your extensions directory. git clone git@github.com:Chassis/phpcs.git extensions/phpcs
  2. Run vagrant provision
  3. Php_Codesniffer with WordPress Coding Standards has been installed on your Chassis VM!

Why install this on Chassis?

This extension is handy so you can run precommit hooks with git that run phpcs tests on your Chassis box.

For instance you can add a file called precommit inside your .git/hooks folder with the following:


/usr/local/bin/vagrant ssh -- -t 'cd /vagrant/content/; grunt precommit;'

If your project has a precommit grunt task it will run those tests and only let you commit if those tests pass.