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A Chassis extension that installs and activates Query Monitor for Chassis
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Query Monitor

A Chassis extension to install and configure your Chassis WP install to use Query Monitor to help with debugging.

What's this plugin do

This Chassis extension installs and activates Query Monitor using Puppet and WP-CLI.


  1. Clone Chassis git clone --recursive chassis
  2. Add this extension to your extensions directory cd chassis && git clone extensions/query_monitor
  3. Run vagrant provision
  4. Fin!

Integrating Query Monitor with IDEs

To integrate Query Monitor with your IDE you will need to add some filters to your code. e.g.

$data = json_decode( file_get_contents( '/etc/chassis-constants' ) );

add_filter( 'qm/output/file_path_map', function ( $map ) use ( $data ) {
	$map = array_merge( $map, (array) $data->synced_folders );
	return $map;
} );
# For Visual Studio Code
add_filter( 'qm/output/file_link_format', function ( $format ) {
	return 'vscode://file/%f:%l';
} );
# For PhpStorm
add_filter( 'qm/output/file_link_format', function ( $format ) {
	return 'idea://file/%f:%l';
} );
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