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VIP Classic Beta

This is currently in Beta, this has been tested however check the Things to do list below.

Adds VIP support to Chassis.

With VIP Quickstart by Automattic now deprecated, this project is set up to take over community involvement.

We only support PHP 7+ due to websites being upgraded to PHP 7 recently.

Installing & Documentation

  1. Clone chassis i.e.: git clone --recursive chassis
  2. Change into the directory cd chassis 3. Clone config.yaml into the content folder i.e.: git clone content
  3. vagrant up
  4. git clone extensions/vip_classic (This step is important)
  5. vagrant provision

Note: Have a look at the Chassis documentation on Custom Host Names if you need to change the domain.

Things to do

  1. Add Concatenation support
  2. Add more items to list

Updating Domain Information

You'll need to update the hosts setup before provisioning. Only add top-level domains.

After the provision has finished, go to Network Admin > Sites and add the subdomains.

Download the mu domain mapping plugin if you require top level domains.

Adding additional extensions

It's recommended that you install the following Chassis extensions




VIP Debugging

Once all extensions are added you can now vagrant provision