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Potion Effect

Potions effects now have their own wrapper that is much more in depth than what getting the player's active potion effects used to be. This means that Player.getActivePotionEffects now returns a list of PotionEffects instead of a list of Strings

var myDisplay = new Display();

register("tick", function() {
     Player.getActivePotionEffects().forEach(function(effect) {
               effect.getName() + " " + 
               effect.getAmplifier() + " " + 

PotionEffect docs


  • Added ChatLib.actionBar(String/Message/TextComponent)
  • Added Message.actionBar() and TextComponent.actionBar()
  • Added KeyBind.getKeyCode and KeyBind.setState(boolean)
  • Fixed the config getting initializing too late and causing a rare crash
  • Added Message.toString() and TextComponent.toString() for easier debugging
  • Fixed sound triggers