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Extension for ServiceStack.Text to serialize Tuple as a delimited string.
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Extension for ServiceStack.Text to serialize Tuple as a delimited string. This allows for more human readable values under specific situations while still leveraging the benefits of using a tuple.

Custom tuple serialization currently only applies to the json serializer. It works by assigning custom delegates to JsConfig<T>.SerializeFn and JsConfig<T>.DeSerializeFn.


Host Configuration

Configure all tuples in the ExampleCode namespace for all assemblies in the current app domain:

new TupleSerializerConfigurator()
  .WithNamespaceFilter(ns => ns.StartsWith("ExampleCode"))

Configure a string as a custom delimiter: (The default delimiter is the dash "-" character)

new TupleSerializerConfigurator()
  .WithNamespaceFilter(ns => ns.StartsWith("ExampleCode"))

Configure explicit tuples: (useful for testing)

new TupleSerializerConfigurator()
   .WithTupleTypes(new List<Type>{typeof(Tuple<string, string>)})

Service Integration


namespace ExampleCode
    public class ExchangeRate
        public Tuple<string, string> CurrencyPair { get; set; }
        public double Rate { get; set; }

    [Route("/exchangerates/{currencypair}", "GET")]
    public class ExchangeRateRequest : IGetReturn<ExchangeRate>
        [ApiMember(Name = "currencypair", IsRequired = true, ParameterType = "path")]
        public Tuple<string, string> CurrencyPair { get; set; }

Request URL

This will request for the latest EUR-USD exchange rate:


Response Body

With ServiceStack.Text.TupleSerializer:

  "CurrencyPair": "EUR-USD",
  "Rate": 1.35

Without ServiceStack.Text.TupleSerializer:

  "CurrencyPair": {
    "Item1": "EUR",
    "Item2": "USD"
  "Rate": 1.35


  • This implementation does not support nested tuples.
  • .WithNamespaceFilter() only applies to public tuples found in assemblies passed using .WithAssemblies(). Any tuples explicitly identified .WithTupleTypes() will not be filtered by namespace.
  • Multiple calls to .WithTupleTypes() are additive and will not replace previously specified values.
  • Both .WithTupleTypes() and .WithAssemblies() may be used at the same time, the results will be combined.
  • Configure() should be called before serializing/deserializing anything with ServiceStack.Text or the custom methods may not register correctly with JsConfig.

Using the Code

  • Install the NuGet Package
  • You can check out the code and run build.bat.
    • It will create NuGet packages you can consume in .\ReleasePackages or you can directly use the resulting binaries.
  • Build requirements
    • .Net 4.0
    • Powershell 2.0
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