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You can get all of the following examples as follows

{% embed url="" %}


Wechaty Basic Functions, see

FileName Description
the-worlds-shortest-chatbot-code-in-6-lines.js The very first wechaty example showcasing how easy it is to get started
ding-dong-bot.js Practical example illustrates on how to do message handling
contact-bot.js List all contacts by Wechat ID & Name


Wechaty Advanced Functions, see

FileName Description
demo-in-tutorial.js the demo bot from the tutorial
busy-bot.js auto response "busy" message for you when you are
media-file-bot.js Save Media Attachment in Message to local files
room-bot.js,room-say-cli.js Practical example illustrates on how to do room handling
friend-bot.js Practical example illustrates on how to do friend handling
gist-bot/ Best template for bigger modules, with each handler in separated files


Wechaty Integrated with Other Modules/Services, see

FileName Description
hot-import-bot/ Using Hot Module Reload(HMR) for Wechaty Listeners
ctrl-c-signal-bot.ts Ctrl-C signal handling demo
monster-bot/ demo that tried to include everything -- message, room, HMR & signal handling, with each handler in separated files
api-ai-bot.ts Wechaty bot that uses brain
speech-to-text-bot.ts bot that uses baidu speech (
tuling123-bot.ts Connect to tuling123 chatbot
telegram-roger-bot.js single bot that runs under/for both Telegram and WeChaty
blessed-twins-bot/ Wechaty multi-instance support (v0.16+) demo
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